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Do you know how to Protect your feet during military training??

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As we all know the strong training or prolonged march can be hurt at the most difficult feet. To keep blisters in the bay, prevent fungi and keep your feet at the top of the shape and give them a little extra attention and attention. Understand these common foot problems, and find out what can be done to avoid these problems.
1. Choose the right boots for you. Try to wear boots while wearing uniform socks and gel pads or pads to make sure they fit. Challenge them all the way to make sure they do not put pressure on some parts of your feet, and not too long or too wide. Your feet can not move inside the boots - the movement will lead to friction, which will produce hot spots and lead to blisters.
2. Select the correct socks. Socks should not be loose or too tight. To synthetic socks, because the cotton will quickly shrink, can not manage the water well.
3.Put your socks together and try to wear a pair of slippery socks, like wearing a uniform, wearing a heavier pair of shock absorbers to reduce friction.
4. Try the adhesive product. Before you wear socks, stratify products on sensitive areas such as toes and heels, such as molybdenum (viscous flannel), sports tape, pressure pads or blister bandages.
5. Keep your feet clean. Every day with soap and water feet, and between the toes carefully dry to prevent the athlete's feet - a fungus - formed and spread. Use mildew on the soles of the feet and toenails every week. Always wear shower shoes in the shower to prevent foot bacteria.
6.Keep your feet dry as much as possible. Replace the socks at least once a day and use your feet at rest when you have the opportunity to apply foot powder, corn starch or antiperspirant to your feet.
7.Cut the toes straight. This will help keep the feet clean and make the boots more comfortable.
8. Check your feet regularly Looking for scratches, blisters or abnormalities. Please seek medical help if necessary.rest well. After a long training, your feet can be soaked, wipe with pumice, remove any rough spots, and thoroughly dry. If you can, please let go, let them bleed, when you choose to work more relaxed, more relaxed shoes.
9.Remember to buy new socks when you get new boots and let your boots air when your feet are not on them and put your time to break a pair. You will find it hard to take time to take care of your feet.
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