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We pride ourselves on the wide range of men's military purpose boots we offer, which includes army boots, combat boots, desert boots, tactical boots, police boots, and so on. At Milforce, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive pricing, timely delivery and a comprehensive, high quality product offering. Your satisfaction is our business goal!
  • ​Would you choose to go out for boots?


    Equipment is the most important part of your camping, hiking, and tactical training.Shoes are an important part of the equipment and require special attention when choosing.Most amateurs in the field believe that any type of sneaker can be used during travel. Read More

  • High-tech in Chinese military boots ②


    The last article mentioned a high-tech in Chinese military boots: double-density rubber soles.
    In fact, the high-tech of the 07-style military boots is more than this one. Read More

  • High-tech in Chinese military boots ①


    The military boots in the modern sense were born in the mid-19th century. Russia, Prussia, Britain, France, etc.,
    have successively distributed high-grade leather military boots to soldiers on the front line of war. Read More

  • How to lace combat boot?


    There are several ways to secure your boots to your feet.
    In addition, the material of the shoelace is equally important. Read More

  • What is rough out leather for military boots?


    In short, rough leather is full grain leather. It has rough outside and soft inside. Full grain leather is the top skin just below the animal hair. Top skin is full grain leather. Read More

  • Choosing the Best Socks for Military Boots Ⅱ


    In fact, you don't need to be an expert to understand the basics of socks.What is a military stocking?
    Military socks are generally used with men's shoes for military. Read More

  • Choosing the Best Socks for Military Boots Ⅰ


    Many people spend hours researching how to buy the perfect boots, but few people treat socks like this.Maybe the quality of the socks is not as important as the boots, but they also determine whether your feet are comfortable. Read More

  • The hot sale style of the summer desert military boots


    Milforce is one of the suppliers of military boots for US troops and duty departments. Its quality is recognized by the US government and soldiers. Read More

  • Take you to know the personal equipment of the US police


    When people think of the US police, the first thing that comes to mind is the police uniform and the belt of duty. Some people may be interested in personal police equipment carried by the US police.The duty belt is an important tool for carrying personal police equipment. Read More

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