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How to prevent buying a pair of tight military boots?

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Tight military boots can cause a lot of trouble, I know it's being advocated left and right, but no one will pay attention to the fact that our feet will naturally expand during the day, not to mention the pressure from the activities, these need The leather tactical boots on our feet have extra space unless you want to get a big blisters on your feet.

4228-2 milforce army tactical boots

Excessively tight military boots can cause many health problems in the foot. For example: blisters, blackened toenails, corns, plantar fasciitis, bunions, pressure on your joints and tendons, ingrown toenails, hammers or crossed toes...

Among the problems listed above, plantar fasciitis is a condition that deserves special attention. It is often found in hikers and is the most harmful. Plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation of the plantar tissue. The fascia attached to the toes of the heel is inflamed, causing tingling or persistent pain in the heel. The pain is most severe in the early stages and may even affect normal walking.

How to choose a pair of comfortable military boots that are not easy to cause fasciitis? Here are some small tips:

√  If possible, go find a pair of boots with deep heels

√  Use a rubber sole that provides extra cushioning and absorbs many of the forces that would otherwise be absorbed by your feet

√  Boots that provide extra support but are not easily bent in the midsole area

6110-2 milforce leather boots

After finding them, you have to wear searcher boots of full leather to confirm that he is really suitable for your feet. There are also some points to note in the process:

 7288-2 milforce army desert boots

√  Always wear your favorite socks, because you will probably wear these socks when you use them after purchasing shoes, such as hiking, hunting, etc., although you may not believe it, but the thickness of the socks and your military boots Whether the match plays an important role in the overall experience.  Put on them and do not tighten the laces. Your index finger should slide effortlessly between the back of your leg and the combat army military boots.

√  When you are tying, you should feel your heel moving toward the back of the boot.

√  Take a quick walk in the military boots and check if there is any uncomfortable place.

√  Your toe that the front of the boot is a big red flag

√  Last but not least, your heel should move together with the boot. If the two rubbing against each other, keep walking towards another model (or size)

1287-2 milforce military office boots

The last suggestion is that it is best to pick your boots later in the afternoon. Just like what we said before, our feet will slowly expand during the day. If your boots are bought in the morning, at the end of the day, it may squeeze your feet and hurt.


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