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What's the rubber sole manufacturing process of military boots?

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Rubber soles are widely used in military boots. Whether a pair of combat army military boots is excellent or not, the quality of the soles is a large part. The high-quality rubber soles have excellent wear resistance, good slip resistance and uniform texture. This has a close relationship with the processing technology and materials of the sole. In order to make it easy for everyone to understand the processing process of the rubber sole, today we briefly introduce how the raw rubber is turned into a rubber sole. 

6217-5 milforce combat leather boots6217-2 milforce combat leather boots

Raw materials: Raw materials for raw rubber are generally derived from Indonesia, Malaysia and some Far Eastern countries. For example, synthetic rubber is extracted from petroleum. Raw rubber is processed into blocks in the form of finished products. 

 6272-2 milforce combat leather boots6272-5 milforce combat leather boots

Ingredients and Formulations: Raw rubber is cut into small pieces for processing in small containers, and additives are stored in the batching room ready for use in the production of formulated rubber.

Mixing: All the ingredients will be put in a large mill, mixed for about three minutes to form a slimy mass, and then need to be stirred. This procedure lasts 10 minutes in an open mixer.


Calendaring: The mixture is turned into a long hot strip of up to 70 degrees Celsius by a roller press or rolled into a roll and molded in different machines. At this point, the production process changes according to different types of products, Used to adapt to different types of rubber.


Preforming: The dough is glued to the extruder and extruded into preformed rubber blocks of different shapes and sizes, similar in shape and size to the sole to be produced, and then mixed with a release agent. Cool water to cool, and finally the rubber block will dry automatically.


Compound quality control: Formula quality inspection is a necessary step before molding. To ensure that the rubber corresponds to the approved formula, each sample is examined for four basic indicators: rubber vulcanization, hardness, wear and density.

image015     image017

Molding: The rubber block is placed in the molding machine and placed together with the brand name. After the laminator is automatically closed, the rubber vulcanization process is completed. Finally, the finished sole is manually extracted by the worker.


Trimming: The final cleaning process is necessary to remove excess rubber from the edge of the sole. There are two types, manual and mobile.


After the final cleaning, the sole will enter the stable size of the oven. The finished sole will be inspected for appearance, packaged, and then stored in the warehouse for shipment and delivery.

The above is the entire process of rubber sole production.


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