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The hidden secret of the soles of a pair of military boots

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It is undeniable that the boots play a pivotal role in outdoor equipment. We also regard a pair of good shoes as the most classic one in the outdoor saying. In fact, it is true. When the weather is hot, the clothes will be taken off; the body is tired. When the backpack is put down, but as long as you are walking, you must wear shoes, even if it is just slippers.

It is very important to have a pair of good shoes. The purchase of boots is basically universal. But because outdoor or military boots are more professional, so when it comes to buying boots, the sole is the first step. The function, use and strength of a pair of boots can be known from the strength and pattern of the sole. So when you face a pair of strange shoes, the first thing to do is to look at its soles. The texture of the sole is its business card, which can tell you its identity.

1258-5 milforce office shoes

Low intensity features:

The sole pattern is almost flat or small and dense, and some have small drainage channels.

Advantages: The sole is thin and the bending is easy to bend the footsteps of walking. The pattern is dense or almost flat and pockmarked. The sole has a very large contact area with the ground. The rubber sole is soft, so it has good anti-slip performance, especially on the smooth stone floor, suitable for urban roads and relatively flat steps.

Disadvantages: insufficient wear resistance, thin sole, poor support performance.

7279-6 milforce desert boots

Medium and low intensity features:

The texture of the sole is deepened, but the pattern of the sole is more detailed, and it is a relatively broken pattern. It is easy to bend but has a certain support. In order to improve the comfort of natural bending during walking, the toe is naturally tilted and formed with a large plane. The angle, in addition to the toe and the end of the shoe will increase the boost point, the rubber sole is still relatively soft, and the nail is pressed to be elastic.

Advantages: The weight of the shoe body is light, and it does not have a heavy feeling when worn on the foot. The natural bending of the walking is relatively easy, it can be adapted to more and more terrain, the wearing range is increased, and the overall protection for the foot is better.

Disadvantages: sole strength and support are general.

6217-5 milforce combat leather boots

Medium and medium intensity:

The texture of the sole continues to deepen, the pattern is no longer small and fragmented, and it begins to become a large block like distribution. The hardness of the rubber is increased by the carbonized outsole. It begins to pay more attention to the support performance and the grip performance on the rough ground. The shoe body is not easy to bend. The angle of the front head is lowered.

Advantages: better protection for the feet, good support for the soles, great adaptability to special roads such as gravel roads, improved strength, good performance for rough ground grip.

Disadvantages: reduced comfort, common wearing a foot and hard feel, poor ventilation, smoother on smooth stone and other materials.

High strength (special use):

The sole line reaches the deepest level, the sole cannot be bent, and the carbon content of the sole is also the highest. In short, a word can be described as "hard".

Advantages: For special purposes, the support performance is just like stepping on the board. The hardness is the same as the shell, complete protection and good insulation.

Disadvantages: Basically, walking can't be bent, the weight is the heaviest in the level, the comfort is poor, and it can't be worn normally.

I once heard someone say that after wearing full leather hiking boots, because the ankles are protected too well, there will be no lameness. If there is a problem, it is a fracture. This is exaggerated, but it is absolutely true.


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