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Milforce side zipper high tube military boots evaluation

Views: 212     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-24      Origin: Site


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This evaluation is Milforce's side zipper high-barreled combat boots. Generally, good military boots need to have three conditions: first, the foot feels good, if there is foot arch support, it is better; the second point is more functional, Take milforce's existing series of products as an example, it can keep warm, the foot is soft and hard, or the light foot feels good. The third appearance is good-looking. This time I personally bought a pair of milforce 4261 military boots, using my personal experience to give you an objective assessment. 

4261-2 milforce tactical boots

111was very happy when I opened the package. The design of this shoe is very beautiful. At the same time, it has a full sense of science and technology. It has been tried on indoors. The feeling of the foot is good. The most prominent feeling is that the sole is very thick, and the height is increased a lot. The sole that looks very hard, it is soft with a finger press. It is no wonder that the foot feels good, but only the traces of the arch support are not seen from the outside. 

222I went out in my shoes and walked to the supermarket for about 15 minutes. The grip performance was good, but I felt that the left and right feet of the right foot were relatively crowded on both sides. It may be that my left and right feet are not the same size and should be relieved soon. I wandered around the supermarket for about 20 minutes. Because the room was hot, I could feel a bit sweaty at this time, but I was not bored and not stingy. It seems that the breathability is good, but I can’t be sure. Here is a little trick. I don't know right or wrong. Anyway, I usually use this method to judge whether the clothes are sweaty or not, or whether they have the ability to keep warm: I wear clothes in hot places and feel sweaty. Cold place to go, if it is sweaty and sultry caused by airtightness, it will feel the lining of the clothes is cold, but the warmth of the warmth will only be felt, the milforce boots are great,Did not feel the feeling of cold, real-time outdoor temperature minus 7 degrees Celsius. Specific warming needs further evaluation. 

4261-4 milforce tactical boots

I believe that people who have had similar experiences have a deep understanding of it. When going through complex procedures, they need to move around indoors. Although the busy process does not change the outdoor terrain, whether it is standing in line, sprinting, or going upstairs and downstairs, it can be said that the daily activities have been concentrated for a period of time, which is undoubtedly a test of shoe comfort. . The next day I wore these shoes to the hospital to go through some formalities. After a busy afternoon, I also had more opinions on these shoes. 

First of all, the sense of pressure on the forefoot of the right foot disappeared. It can be said that it gradually adapts to the shoes. At the same time, when the seat is sitting, the part of the sole of the whole shoe is soft, but it does not reach the soft pedal of the silicone. The specific soft and hard should be the degree of rubber, which is different from the hard exoskeleton of some military boots, which should help improve the comfort of the shoes. There are three specific feelings: First, there is no numbness in the heel, which means the shoes are soft and comfortable. There is no tingling in the second forefoot to the arch, which means that the entire sole is moderately adjusted in softness and hardness and does not cause bow discomfort due to the too soft sole. Third, there is no discomfort in the knees during the day, which means that the sole of the whole shoe has better feedback to the road surface, and it will not affect my walking posture because it is too thick. There is a small tip here: not only the walking habits of the people will be reflected in the wear of the soles, but the comfort level of the shoes will also affect the gait of the people. For an inappropriate example, you wear sprint spikes, soccer shoes, and running shoes. The walking posture on the marble floor is absolutely different.

4261-5 milforce tactical boots

In addition, I think that as a boots, the anti-slip property can’t be ignored. Many military boots are either non-slip, not wear-resistant, or wear-resistant, non-slip. The reason is the same as the winter tires of the car, and it is also anti-skid on the road with large friction. Once the shoes with good sex meet the water, it is a disaster. There are dusty tiles, water-stained stones, etc. The road will have an impact on the boots, especially when running at high intensity and disguised. The ground force requirements are higher.

When I came out from the hospital, I found that it had already rained. I passed the marble damp road in the park. I remembered the method of checking the road surface that I had seen before. It was accelerated by small steps, then suddenly stopped. The farther the road was, the more slippery the road. This method is simple and effective.

4261-3 milforce tactical boots

On this road, I tried it according to the above method. The milforce military shoes can't be said to be completely non-slip, but there is only a little displacement for the rapid acceleration, and the sharp turn does not appear to feel like no grip around the big circle. In general, Excellent performance, at the same time running to find that this shoe is very capable of running, and it is very brisk. 

Overall, the shoes have a superior appearance and a strong sense of technology. Slip resistance and warmth are much stronger than other boots, and the foot feels comfortable. The excellent design makes the shoes not even bulky even with thick soles. On the contrary, the desire to walk and the desire to run are strong. The opportunity will be an anatomical map to see what happens inside the shoe. The first assessment came to an end, thank you for your reading.


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