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Choosing the Best Socks for Military Boots Ⅱ

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In fact, you don't need to be an expert to understand the basics of socks.

What is a military stocking?

Military socks are generally used with men's shoes for military.

6243-6 milforce military combat leather boots

The production technology of military socks has surpassed the white socks you found in ordinary stores.

Quality socks will consist of several different types of fabric.

The most commonly used natural fabrics are cotton, wool, and silk.

The most common synthetic fibers are polyester, nylon, Lycra, and spandex.

Strong fibers will be used to strengthen the toes and heels.

Stretch fabrics are used at the mouth of the sock, which securely hold the sock to the calf.

Acrylic fiber is used to keep the socks dry, and thick knits help prevent blisters.


Of course, socks do not need to have the specific label of "military socks" to be the best.

There are also a variety of other socks for hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities that provide the same use.

So you can go around the store, if you have any questions about whether the army allows the use of specific socks, please consult the commander of the corresponding unit.


All socks have the same basic function. The difference is that high quality socks are more functional than cheap socks.

Next is the benefits of these premium socks:

• Protect your feet from boots. They reduce friction and reduce the risk of blisters, debris and abrasions.

• Protect your combat army military boots. Thick socks absorb the sweat and oil from your feet and keep your boots clean and dry. This also helps prevent foot disease and foot odor.

4281-6 milforce military tactical boots

• Keep your feet comfortable. A good sock can isolate the heat loss in cold weather; similarly, they are breathable and comfortable in hot weather.


In addition, thick socks provide cushioning and support for comfortable lightweight military boot.

5238-6 milforce jungle boots

Three key features of the quality socks you need:

  1. Thick and strong fabric material at the heel of the toe and socks.

  2. The rest of the socks are breathable fabrics. Socks in warmer climates are thinner and thicker in colder climates.

  3. The top of the sock is a stretchable fabric. Keep the socks close to your calves, but not too tight, otherwise the legs will become tight.

You need a pair of socks that make you forget to wear socks.


Traditionally, the size range of the socks is different, and the socks have no specific size.

If the socks are stretched too much, they will soon be damaged.

So the right size is really important, but the size is not very accurate.

The size of the socks does have a numerical size, but almost no one now uses this size system.

Therefore, the size of the socks is usually medium, large and super large.

Medium men's socks are 5-9, and medium ladies' socks are 6-10.

The size of the large men's socks is 9-12, and the size of the large women's socks is 10-13.

Extra-large men's socks are 12-15


In addition, socks are usually sold in sealed packages. Some sporting goods stores will be paired with a pair of unsalable socks.

You can also try shopping online, I recommend buying only one pair of socks at first, because you may buy something you don't like.


Choosing the best socks for army desert boots is not complicated, but you really have to take a moment to pick them up.

7276 样2-1 milforce desert boots

If possible, buy a few pairs of different thicknesses, especially if you are deployed in areas with drastic changes in temperature (such as deserts).

Socks help prevent injuries. They increase your comfort while walking and standing.

So don't just buy a pair of cheap socks. You should spend some time learning about various types of military socks.


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