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What are the colors of military boots?

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The TV series, whose theme is military action and youth inspiring, are more and more popular with the public. A group of young soldiers with vivid characters challenge life and death in the dangerous world of minefields and train to grow up in the horrible barracks. The growing up of practicing needs spirit. Military boots are the best weapon to boost the spirit .When a soldier appears on the screen, we must be attracted by the style of military boots at the first sight. Everyone has different views on military boots, and different colors of military boots attract and represent different people. The main colors of the army boots are black, yellow, green, brown, camouflage and so on.

6202-6 milforce military leather boots

Black can make the noble with a hint of majesty, but also with some mysterious sexy colors. Black is a very versatile color. In the same way, black shoes are also very versatile. For example, white jacket and black shoes can create a sense of unity between the upper and lower coordination. The white jacket is a classic match with black shoes. Our company  6202 leather boots are classic French boots. This pair of boots is favored by French police and troops abroad. It is popular in French West Africa. Buckle structure is convenient for taking on and off, hard to loosen. This out-sole is French rubber. Goodyear construction of this boot keeps fastness and breathes freely. It is suitable for dry and hot weather in Africa.

7215 2-6 milforce desert boots

The sand color brings a warm and gentle feeling to your winter. Warm and soft sand is a soothing neutral tone, which can easily connect with the seasonal transition. We compare it to love; sand is like cocoa, like coffee, which means love. Our company 7215 desert boots use sand suede leather and sand fabric to attract others' eyeballs. Publishable leather and nylon upper have long lasting support and water resistant. The lines of the shoes outline a beautiful curve. Compound of EVA and rubber provide comfort for foots. Side-zipper is easy to take on and off and name YKK side zipper. These desert combat boots are light, stable, well ventilated, and can prevent sand from entering, and do not need to rub oil.

7102-6 milforce military dersert boots

Olive is a color of the green system. It is named for its color and fruit olive. In military terms, olive colors are often used as protective colors. The complementary color of the olive color is lavender. An olive short boot with a unique temperament is worth owning,Our company recommends 7102 army desert boots for you. Olive fabric is simple and fashionable ,skin texture is fashionable and durable,it has a unique elegance. Delicate and flexible frenulum interspersed directly with the holes emits a strong British retro style. We stitch at the toe and heel part to keep the fastness. Air hole increase internal air circulation and keep foot dry always.MD out-sole that has characteristics of moisture-wicking and abrasion resistant is popular for people.

Shoes are indispensable to human beings and play an important role in our life. By looking at shoes, you can also see a person's habits and character. Just like wearing different clothes on different occasions, shoes on different occasions are different. A pair of excellent military boots should not only be durable, but also make us comfortable.7102 olive combat boots,7215 sand desert boots,6202 black full grain cow leather boots, camouflage desert boots can be chosen for you, if you are interested, you can choose us.


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