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Hot office shoe style in USA market

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There are a lot of controversy about which kind of leather shoes should be used in American military dresses, and many people are confused about the choice.

Some people feel that office shoes are uncomfortable and ask if they can be replaced by similar shoes of other brands.  

The answer is yes, but the style and shape must conform to the regulations, because 'uniform is uniform'.

Of course, as an important part of uniform, shoes are regulated in detail by various military services, as follows:

Officers: shoes, oxford ,black, male

1.Type: the shoes are clothing bag issue items.


A: The shoes are made from an approved specification or pattern or from a similar commercial design,  and are made of leather, parametric, or patent leather. 

The shoe is dress tie-oxford style, with at least three eyelets and a closed toe and heel.

The shoe is plain, with no design in the shoe material.

B: As an option, males may wear an ankle-high boot, similar to a jodhpur or chukka(riding) boot. 

If worn, the boot must be plain, without straps or buckles, with a non-contrasting heel and sole, and a heel no higher than 2 inches. 

An inconspicuously placed zipper is authorized.

C: How to wear?

The oxford shoes are authorized for wear with service, dress, mess, evening mess, hospital duty, and food service uniforms.

It can be seen, the provisions of various military services are quite similar, and the consistent provisions are nothing more than "low-quarter, Oxford style, black, plain".

The difference is that, for example, individual services allow officers and officers above a certain level to wear high-wasted leather shoes. 

In summary, the uniform regulations of each military branch only stipulate the style and color of shoes in principle. 

Whether to wear high-brightness or dumb light, it is optional without violating the regulations.

Office shoe is suitable for important meetings, office and other occasions.

Office shoe, as opposed to casual leather shoes, refer to the specified style of leather shoes matched with formal wear, which belongs to the category of leather shoes that are more in line with the traditional dress culture of Europe and the United States. 

Its toe has many styles, such as pointed, round, square toe, etc. The heel height is medium. The main colors are black, brown and white.

The office shoe have following characteristic:


The surface is uniform, smooth and meticulous, without wrinkles and wrinkles. 

The brightness and color are uniform, bright and bright, and there is no difference between light and shade. 

The leather feels soft, lubricated, elastic, non-rigid, and the thickness of the leather is even and moderate.


The surface is bright and smooth, uniform in color, no oil spots, stains and scars, even in thickness. 

The sole is flexible and plump, high tensile strength, strong wear resistance. 

The section is uniform and meticulous, no impurities, no large or small granular structure, no uneven thickness.


Natural leather shoes are generally better air permeability, especially pig leather. 

But leather is not as beautiful as cowhide. 

Choose those recreational shoes with breathable holes when buying.

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