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What the use of different military boots in different environment?

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Military boots are very strange to everyone, and they are represented in almost every TV series.

So why do military soldiers have to wear military boots? 

What is the reason? 

Military boots look bulky, but they actually provide a good protection for soldiers’ ankles. 

Soldiers may try all kinds of difficult actions in training. 

They are not only less likely to sprain their ankles, but also to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes in complex environments. 

The environment of soldier is worse, tactical military boots are more wearable.


No military boot can be 100% adapted to all situations. 

Such as cold boots can not be used in hot and humid environment, ordinary full-leather military boots can not be used in desert and cold areas. 

Water-repellent materials do not effectively dissipate the sweat from the feet, while breathable materials are easily penetrated by water, soaking socks and feet. 

So, the soldier must use various combat boots that adapt to different conditions and specific circumstances.


Usually, the combat boots should follow several basic principles. 

It must can protect the soldier's feet in a specific environment, must be simple, durable, and easy to supply, must be able to keep your feet dry, warm or cool, and keep the friction between the feet and boots minimal.


Desert boot: 

Desert boots do have many advantages over full leather boots. 

Combat desert boot is a dull sand brown leather and a Corcyra material boot, which is lighter than the previous half-skin jungle boots. 

The sole is Panama sole molded with synthetic rubber. 

The lining material has good heat dissipation and air permeability. 

Insulation leather midsole and removable activated carbon insole make users more comfortable. 

Generally speaking, desert combat boots are portable, stable, air permeability is good, and can prevent sand penetration, no need for oil, and have certain lightning protection ability.


Jungle boot:

The boots are made of black high-quality cowhide and green/black canvas with leather leg guards. Considering the need of jungle warfare, there are two small holes in the inside of boots to drain water into boot barrels in time. 

The U.S. Army is equipped with specially developed jungle combat boots with drainage holes and reinforcement belts for tropical rainforest operations. 

The boots are made of green or black nylon and leather with two vents. 

The soles of the boots follow the Panamanian pattern used in Vietnam War and are not easy to accumulate mud. Metal sheets in soles can protect feet from stabbing.


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