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What should I consider before buying military boots?

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Boots height

Why is the height of the boots important?

In short, it determines the amount of ankle support you get from your tactical desert boots.

7284-6 milforce desert boots

Depending on your weight and the type of physical activity you do every day, boots covering your ankles should give you adequate support.

However, if you often walk in the woods and may encounter a marsh once or twice, your boots should be higher.

Taller boots provide more protection and prevent ankles from rolling.

If your activity doesn't involve strenuous exercise, choose a lower ankle boot.

Because low-ankle boots are easier to put on and move off, and are generally lighter

To comply with AR 670-1, the height of a pair of boots must be 8 inches.


How to choose boots based on the environment

This is a very important step when choosing boots.

You never have to make the same mistake as me.

Imagine yourself in a swamp wearing a pair of non-waterproof combat boots.

If boots don't solve unpleasant problems such as heat and humidity, it will make you uncomfortable and reduce work efficiency.

So what boots should you choose in this case?

It's simple: view features.

In this case, your ideal lightweight jungle boots must be waterproof and made of a breathable material.

5216 2-2 milforce jungle boots

What if you are hiking and running?

Your boots don't have to be waterproof.

Instead, they need to be comfortable and lightweight, which means they will likely be made of synthetic leather and nylon.

What if you are a security guard standing all day?

In this case, your first priority should be to use high boots made of comfortable, lightweight materials.

If you work in a dry, hot environment, you can choose lightweight boots made of breathable material.

You need to know that leather boots will make your feet swim in your sweat.

So the best choice is boots made of light-colored leather and breathable fabric.

In this case, the importance of waterproofing is much lower.


Are you looking for Army authorized boots?

If you need optional boots on the market, then you should look for some features:


Boots must be made of genuine leather with the meat side facing out.

The only leather type accepted is cow / cow leather.

The outsole must be made of rubber or polyether polyurethane (not polyester polyurethane).

The upper part must be made of leather or a combination of leather and non-mesh.


The height of the boots must be between 8 and 10 inches.

The height of the sole must not exceed 2 inches.

The sole should not curl on toes or heels.


Boots must be tan or coyote color.

The sole must be the same color as the boots


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