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How important is the toe of safety shoes and work shoes?

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People have feet, just like grass and roots, and buildings have the same foundation. The foot is the foundation of the human body, especially when standing, walking, running, and jumping, the role of the foot is very prominent, so the importance of the foot cannot be ignored. The foot is the farthest part of the human lower limbs, which can reflect the body's visceral function and microcirculation. At the same time, it is also the body's moving organ, and also the weight-bearing organ, which bears the full weight of the human body and reflects the mental outlook of the human body. The part is called the second heart of the human body. We walk on our feet every day, so the feet must be protected.

2203-7 milforce military work shoes2206-7 milforce work shoes

Many workers on the site now wear sneakers and even slippers. Few workers wear genuine safety shoes that meet the standards. According to the regulations, workers at construction sites must wear safety shoes which protective toe according to their work needs. These safety shoes can effectively avoid external injuries such as hard objects, metal objects and punctures because of the ladle toe.

In fact, when workers use tools, operate machines, and carry materials, the feet are usually at the lowest part of the working position, and they are exposed to heavy, hard, angular objects at any time, they maybe bruised, stabbed or crushed. On the other hand, if the foot does not stand firm, the body will lose its balance, destroying the normal working posture and possibly causing an accident. In this way, the protective footwear of the protective foot is particularly important. Depending on the operating conditions, it is possible to prevent the foot from receiving damage by using special protective boots.

3104-7 milforce military safety shoes3106-6 milforce military safety shoes

MILFORCE’s safety shoes use steel toe and work shoes use rubber toe to prevent the foot from receiving damage.3106 is pair of black safety shoes which have steel toe. The leather surface is covered with vacuum pores. These pores act as air convection principle, so that the heat in the shoe is squeezed and swelled by the convection vents on both sides, and the heat is escaping from the vent hole of the upper, and the cold air is lowered to maintain the temperature inside the shoe comfortable.2206 is a pair of black and green color work boots with rubber toe. Rubber is a high molecular compound with high elasticity and wear resistance. It can withstand multiple bending, stretching and compression without damage. Many work shoes use rubber toe.

Whether you choose safety shoes or work shoes, we need some skills.

(1) In addition to the appropriate type of protective footwear, it is also important to fit the foot and make it comfortable to wear. It is important to carefully select the appropriate protective shoe size.

(2) Protective shoes should have a non-slip design, not only to protect the human foot from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by the operator being slipped. 

(3) All kinds of protective shoes with different performances must meet the technical indicators of their respective protective performance, such as the toes are not bruised, the soles of the feet are not stabbed, and the insulation is required. But protective shoes are not omnipotent.

(4) before using protective shoes, carefully inspect or test. In electrical and acid-based operations, damaged and cracked protective shoes are dangerous. 

(5) Protective shoes should be kept safely after use. Rubber shoes should be rinsed with water or disinfectant and dried to extend the service life. 


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