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Everyone should own desert boots

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-10      Origin: Site


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Good pair of desert boots has exploded in popularity in recent years and earned a spot in every guy's closet.
I know what you're thinking: boots for spring and summer?
Well, sure, normal boots aren't really suitable for spring or summer — but desert boots aren't normal boots.
They're made from a thinner leather than normal boots, and they don't go up your ankle as high (chukka-style). The soles are less chunky and are often made of a soft material (crepe rubber).
Combined, those attributes make it the perfect shoe to go with every one of your casual outfits from spring all the way until mid-fall. They were made for warm-weather wearing, so don't be shy to wear them on bright spring days when you still need to wear pants (like a work day at the office).
They're good for in-between weather as well, and can keep your feet in relative warmth should the mercury drop down farther than you were expecting on a spring night.
They're light on the feet, so they won't weigh you down, and they're more comfortable than the minimal aesthetic they might at first convey. They're a big step-up from your usual athletic sneakers.


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