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Selecting a pair of military combat boot

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When you buy combat boots, there are many things to consider before you buy. Let's start the top with...


When you buy a pair of military combat boots, you may want to buy a size that gives your feet a little space. But the truth is, if you plan to do some hiking or a lot of walking wearing your boots, making sure they are very suitable. Suitable for glove-like combat boots is unlikely to be defeated. So if you can find a pair of half-size increments you need, go to those, or put on a pair of extra-thick socks to fill the extra space.

4297-2 milforce army tactical boots


Leather is often the first choice for most military boots, but you can also look at canvas work shoe. Weigh your choices. The leather is more durable, while the canvas is more flexible and breathes better. If you plan to hike in a very warm place, canvas work shoes may be your best choice, but the leather is almost guaranteed to last longer than the canvas.

7114-2 milforce suede desert boots


When buying a pair of military combat boots, price should not be the most important consideration or the only consideration, but it is important. Just remember that when you try to save a dollar or two by buying a cheapper pair of boots, you  the price you pay. When you have to change your boots every year, in the long run, you need to spend more money instead of buying more expensive boots that will be used in the next few years and years. Of course, if you really take care of them, there are some combat boots that can last for ten years or more.

However, choosing a pair based on price is easy. Take away all the boots you are considering buying and then narrow it down to your favorite three. If you can't decide, buy the cheapest pair. Of course, look for a reasonable price, but don't sacrifice quality, material or durability just to save a few dollars, or you just have to pay more because your boots need to be replaced and repaired more often.

Now, this is not to say that the best boots you buy are always the most expensive, but the cheapest boots you buy are almost certainly not the best.

7113-2 milforce suede desert boots


In the end, this is what it really boils down to: What are you going to do with these boots? travel by walking? Used every day? Oops, are you going to use them to exercise or patrol? Whatever you are doing, you will be sure of your priorities. If you want to wear boots every day, comfort and durability are key. If you plan to wear them for hiking, durability is less important, but tread and grip are essential. All of these aspects are important no matter how you use them, but some aspects are more important than others, depending on where you will be wearing them.



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