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How to protect full grain leather boots?

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Leather boots are some of the most practical yet versatile tactical boots you can own and when taken care of properly they can last for years, and in some cases, even decades. Of course, a boot’s longevity depends on what they are put through and how often they are used, but in any case leather boots should always be cleaned and conditioned more often than other shoes.

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Caring for full leather boots properly can be time-consuming, especially compared to how long it takes to maintain other types of shoes. Having said that, the time and effort required is undoubtedly rewarding in the long run. A good, sturdy pair of leather boots are designed to be put through the ringer; facing off against dirt, thick mud, hiking along uneven ground, and even heavy downpours of rain.

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All of this will eat away at and wear down the leather over time, especially if they are not cleaned and dried thoroughly shortly after use. Allowing these damaging factors to compound and accumulate will cause leather boots to crack, severely reducing their lifespan and the protection they’re able to afford.

Proper care is crucial to maintaining the Alfa quality. Real leather acts much like a second skin, as it is a natural raw material that depends on care to maintain its quality. Dirt and moisture have little impact on well-kept boots.

Although full-grain leather boots are extremely durable, they will still fade, scuff and stain like any other shoe. Fortunately, these issues are easily remedied and don’t have to have any lasting effect on either a boot’s aesthetic qualities or performance. 

Whilst the leather boots are dry, use a soft brush to remove any loose dirt.

Get a clean cloth and dampen it with soapy water. Ensure that all the water has been ringed out of the cloth so that it isn’t wet. Wipe over the leather boot to remove any dirt that is left.

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Using a different cloth, dampen this one with only water, and remove the soap from the boot. Slightly dry off the boot using a towel.

It’s important to condition the leather once you have washed it as this will protect it from any further stains and add a glossy finish. Once you have applied the conditioning cream, leave it to sit for about 15 minutes then buff with a soft cloth until shiny.

Leave the boots to fully dry. Do not try and speed up this process by placing near a heater or using a hair dryer as this will only cause further damage. They are best left in room temperature until fully dry.

For full grain leather boots, we mainly recommend shoe polish or wax based shoe care products. After thorough cleaning, it can be beneficial to use a liquid impregnation as a base coat. Boots with Gore-Tex® waterproof technology must be treated with a dedicated impregnation. Do not use care products with a high fat content on full grain leather, as it reduces the breathability and can cause clammy feet. Boots in MILFORCE factory without Gore-Tex can be treated with any type of leather impregnation, but we do not recommend care products with creosote (tar) due to environmental considerations. Furthermore, the well-known myth regarding not using silicon based care products on Gore-Tex boots is unfounded.

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Store your boots in a dry, cold and properly ventilated place. Never store wet boots in moist rooms or in your car, as they are exposed to mold and discoloring. Furthermore, do not store them directly on heated floors, as it dries out the rubber and decreases the sole's lifespan.

With proper care, your tactical boots will provide you with a multi-year outdoor experience!


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