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Women's popular military boots recommended TOP5

Views: 144     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-28      Origin: Site


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Women now serve in more Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) than ever before. Many of the newly available MOSs require women to perform many more physical activities than in the past. Modern tactical boots for women give women an edgy, dangerous and commanding appearance. They are designed for various purposes. Some of the purposes include protection against the cold during the winter season. They are also designed for grip and ankle stability for outdoor activities like hiking. Women combat military boots are not only designed for the aforementioned reasons but are also designed to be stylish, trendy and also for comfort. These boots combine all the above aspects to make them ideal for daily use. They can handle a variety of tasks efficiently. For example, you can wear them to a hiking trip, for running daily errands and even when going for shopping on the streets without neglecting your appeal.

For this reason, women need to choose carefully when deciding on the footwear in which they will work, train, and deploy. In choosing a boot you should weigh a few factors, including how you’ll be using the boot, the boot’s weight, the environment you’ll be operating in, the boot’s rigidity (how stiff the boot is), and how long it will take to break in the boot.

Here are a few of our company's most popular women's military boots, you can understand according to your needs.

Most women who work indoors need a comfortable and beautiful Office shoe. The three women's officer shoes here have their own characteristics.

1105-2 milforce office shoes

These high-heeled shoes are suitable for any woman wearing a professional outfit. The entire shoe is finished in black leather with a matte finish. The matte texture looks low-key and luxurious. The 2.3-inch heel makes your legs look perfect. The insole is made of soft leather and breathable fabric and is removable for cleaning to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The sole is made of non-slip rubber material, and the side of the shoe has a zipper, which is not easy to be deformed and is easy to put on and take off. Let you show the charm of women in the office.

1108-8 milforce lady shoes

Next, the shoe's shoe and heel are slightly lower in height and look more mature. The classic black body and rubber sole are more suitable for a variety of autumn and winter clothing, The zipper style has a decorative belt for easy lifting on the heel, which is simple and generous.

1109-6 milforce lady shoes

The third office shoes is a more neutral style, similar to Derby shoes, suitable for more formal occasions, can be perfectly matched with women's suits. The black body is shiny, and the high-grade leather sole makes the grade of the shoe a higher layer. The upper and the sole are connected by Goodyear seam technology, which is not easy to be damaged and easier to bend. A loop around the collar to prevent wear and tear, only a 0.8-inch heel will make walking more comfortable.

The above are some of the shoes that are suitable for working indoors. The next two boots are shoes suitable for women to go shopping or outdoor.

7212-2 milforce desert boots7212-5 milforce desert boots

The first is this sand-colored anti-castain boots. The leather is made of high-grade top layer leather, delicate and soft, and the breathability is very good. The design of the high strap is stylish and beautiful. It can be matched with all kinds of windbreakers and jackets. The zipper part is cleverly hidden, and the top is protected by a baffle with a metal buckle. Extend the life of the zipper. The softened rubber used in the sole part, with a number of venting holes, to maximize the ventilation of the inside of the shoe, so that you feel dry and comfortable at all times.

6225-6 milforce leather boots

Next is this black façade full leather boots with high quality suede leather on the upper, the toe part is made of harder material, and the sole is a classic Panama rubber non-slip outsole made of adhesive technology. The waterproof performance is very good, and the shoe mouth has a buckle that can be adjusted to be elastic, which can well prevent the entry of rainwater. The entire shoe is ideal for outdoor use.


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