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What is the best full leather boots for running?

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Running in full leather Boots? It doesn't have to be painful if you have good military boots for running. If you're a police officer, soldier, or security guard, you'll be grateful to have a solid pair of boots that are built to move. This article explains the design features of the best military boots for running.

A Good Fit. If you're running in full leather boots, you want boots that are snug but not too tight. Your heel shouldn't wiggle at all when chasing or quickly relocating your position.

Traction. A solid out-sole will help you keep your stride, and prevent you from slipping when sprinting around tight corners.

6122-2 milforce leather boots

Flexibility. When your foot moves, it flexes. Flexible boots offer a wider range of motion.

Breathable. A breathable boot means sweat doesn't accumulate as much. And if you're running hard, you're going to sweat.

6296-2 milforce leather boots

Lightweight. The more weight on your feet, the more effort you have to exert when running. Opt for lightweight boots to make running in full leather boots a breeze.

Whether you need boots for hiking mountains, constructing houses, or hunting criminals, comfortable working boots are key to performance. Uncomfortable shoes are just about the last thing you want to worry about on the job. Padded midsoles and insoles help cushion your feet, and will absorb shock when sprinting. At MILFORCE, most of our boots are outfitted with a cushioned EVA mid-sole.

6224-2 milforce leather boots

Great traction is important no matter where you’re running. Concrete, sand, or grass – it just doesn’t matter. Traction is what’s going to allow you to stop shortly, or pivot on the go. Criminals are running for their lives, and will do or say just about anything to get away. Officers need boots with deep lugs so they can make sharp turns and stop quickly.

6295-2 milforce leather boots

Good running shoes are flexible. Same with tactical running boots. Historically, full leather boots were constructed to be durable, not agile. However, modern boots like the best-selling Stealth Force are intended for professionals needing boots made for performance and durability.


Giving it 100% is going to make you sweat. That means if your job requires you to run, sprint, or exert yourself in any way on your feet, you’re going to want a pair of boots that are breathable. Old-school full leather boots were stifling – they were made with full-grain leather and no ventilation. They were ideal for enduring harsh jungles and deserts, but those old, clunky boots are definitely not ideal for running.

6273-2 milforce military boots

A police or military boot needs ventilation. Otherwise, your feet will become sweaty which can lead to blisters and/or bacterial infections. Boots like the Response III offer breathable materials built right into the uppers. Look for mesh exteriors and breathable boot membranes as core features in a running boot.

A breathable boot ventilates your feet, helping to keep your feet dry when running hard.

The lighter the boot, the faster you can run.Lightness is important, but don’t compromise light footwear for safe and durable footwear.


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