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What are the uses and characteristics of patent leather boots?

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When all kinds of military boots are in front of you, there is a kind of military boots that can always attract your attention in the first time, that are different styles of patent leather shoes.

1102-6 milforce lady shoes

The patent leather is made of plastic, varnish or lacquer finish, which is made into bright and sturdy leather. It is sprayed with a layer of paint on the skin or leather. It looks very shiny and has a strong surface effect and style. The clothing material, the leather is very bright; the surface is very smooth, like the feeling of brushing the paint. Patent leather shoes have a glassy luster, and the color of the patent leather is the same as ordinary leather. In addition to the mirror-like finish, the patent leather is almost water-repellent while still retaining a very soft texture.

Military boots in the patent leather are generally only office shoes and some full leather boots, the environment wearing them rather a battlefield or a formal occasion such as a banquet or ceremony, because the patent leather is easily damaged, the surface is easy to leave scratches, the process using them requires extra attention.

Most of the patent leather boots are monochrome. The patent leather shoes in general military boots are divided into black patent leather and white patent leather. The black patent leather officer shoes are suitable for any formal occasion. You only need to put on a suit to match it perfectly. 

1255-1 milforce office shoes

Because of the high shine it’s best to try and let them stand out on their own, and match them with a muted jacket and trousers rather than something with sheen to it. This will make sure the outfit doesn’t look too blinding, and the shoes will add a nice contrast to the piece, rather than clash awkwardly with it. For the shirt, pick a clean block color to again compliment the shoes and not try to compete with them.)men's white patent leather shoes mostly come in the form of dress shoes and for that reason they're more suitable for formal events. Plus, white dress shoes often feature black accents and they’re once again usually reserved for semi-formal or formal occasions. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you always have to wear a full suit. Get some inspiration from one of fashion show’s best looks and pair your white patent shoes with a smart white shirt and light grey suit trousers. 

6278-2 milforce leather boots

The maintenance of patent leather also needs to be careful and can be divided into four steps:Firstly, Use a damp cloth and carefully wipe away any dust or debris left lingering on your shoes. Secondly,Use a patent leather cleaner and apply a thick layer to your entire shoe. Thirdly,After applying the cleanser, allow it to dry for 3 to 5 minutes. A white film may become visible on your shoe but don't be alarmed, it’s all part of the process. Last but not least, use the chamois and buff your shoe. By buffing it, you are cleaning all of the dried cleanser off and turning it into a high-gloss shine. 


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