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What are the different shoe eyelets for military boots?

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This article is used to introduce the inconspicuous but important part of the military boots: the eyelets of the shoe.

As we all know, the main function of the eyelet is to let the shoelace pass through it. Eyelets are commonly reinforced with a metal or plastic grommet that covers the holes and prevents fraying. They also provide a smooth surface through which shoelaces are easily fed and are essentially responsible for keeping the shoes together and on the foot.

The most common eyelet is to make a hole in the surface of the shoe without any other accessories.

Whether or not they are reinforced with a plastic or metal grommet depends on the style of the shoe. In the military boots, the single-layer office shoes which are generally made of leather won't fray from the eyelet holes, because the parts rubbed with the shoelaces are almost made of leather, therefore they don't need a grommet, but a shoe made out of canvas or a similar fabric will likely fray and needs that extra reinforcement.

1269-3 milforce office shoes1266-3 milforce office shoes

After the general military boots are punched out of the upper, they are usually reinforced with plastic or metal rings. Such a shoe eye is divided into two types: an apparent eyelet and a hidden eyelet. The difference is determined by the punching method adopted by the metal ring, and the details can be distinguished by looking at the figure.

What are the different shoe eyelets for military boots v2

The hidden eyelet is also used more on the officer's shoes, which will make the shoes look low-key. The apparent eyelets are used very frequently. Most of the military boots without special requirements use the dominant perforated eyelet because it is easy to process and also prevents the abrasion between upper and linings with laces. 

There are also some shoes with special requirements that use a special eyelet.

For example, "0 metal" shoes will use a buckle. The characteristics of the buckle are that it fits the foot shape, and it is easy to adjust the tightness to make the foot more comfortable. Generally, the desert boots use more cloth buckles, a hot environment should adjust the tightness in time, and it is very important to keep the shoes inside breathable.

The last is the most special quick buckle, also known as the hook hole.

7106-2 milforce desert boots

Hooked eyelets typically appear within the last few rows of eyelets. Due to the special working environment of the military boots, the hooked eyelets are used more frequently in military boots than other boots. They're also much easier to lace than other kinds of eyelets. It can greatly improve the speed of wearing and taking off the shoes. Often times a hooked eyelet is attached to a traditional punched eyelet that gives the wearer the option of winding the laces around the hooks or threading them through.

What are the different shoe eyelets for military boots v3                        What are the different shoe eyelets for military boots v4 

Another type is a loop buckle, which is generally used in the last few rows of holes in the shoes or in the folding of the upper and the shoe to prevent damage to the eye caused by bending. The loop buckle is more flexible allow the shoe to be made tighter or looser for a more customized fit. 


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