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What are the characteristics of work shoes? Who will wear?

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The work shoes and the steel work shoes are the same type, which is the safety work shoes that protect the toes. Safety work shoes and work shoes are safe for the foot and have the same meaning. There are many types, such as protection of toes, puncture resistance, insulation, acid and alkali resistance.

2208-7 milforce work shoes

Different working shoes use in different environments. General rubber soles can be used in areas where oil or splashing oil is used. waterproof work shoes are used in workplaces where water or water splashes. Cold-proof work shoes are used for low-temperature work. The feet of the person are protected from frostbite. Anti-piercing protective shoes are used for foot protection to prevent stab wounds from various sharp objects. The main function of the anti-smashing safety shoes is to prevent the falling objects from hurting the feet. The front head of the work shoe has an impact resistant material. The main function of steelmaking work shoes is to prevent burning and puncturing. It should be able to withstand a certain static pressure and withstand certain temperatures and is not flammable. These types of work shoes are suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on. In addition to the above, there are some special work shoe covers, such as canvas, asbestos, and aluminum film work shoe covers.

2104-1 milforce work shoes

The most common work shoes should be canvas work shoes. The upper face is made of high-strength anti-stripping nylon cloth. The sole is a single-layer rubber sole. The toe of some shoes uses other materials to strengthen the hardness, such as rubber and leather. Some work shoes are designed to adapt workers to the working environment. Different environments have different needs. Some are white-collar workers working in skyscraper; some are workers on the construction site, and operators who need to stay in the workshop for a long time. Their work shoes are different. Most work shoes use light, breathable and strong materials to ensure the comfort of the wearer while protecting the foot. The non-slip wear is the basic performance of the work shoes, to a large extent. Determined by the quality of the sole, the rubber outsole is matched with the midsole of different materials, which can prevent wear and shock absorption. The use of a relatively non-slip, lightweight substrate in a good environment, the vibration-proof function is outstanding. The outdoor site environment is enhanced with anti-slip and wear-resistant substrates. 

2203-7 milforce military work shoes

Selection and maintenance of protective work shoes the selection of protective work shoes should be based on the hazardous nature of the work environment and the degree of hazard. Protective work shoes should have a product certificate and product specifications. Read the instructions according to the conditions used before use, and the method should be correct. Special protective work shoes should be inspected and kept clean after use and stored in a non-polluting and dry place.


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