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The difference between high quality military boots and inferior military boots

Views: 145     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-02      Origin: Site


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The quality of products in any industry is good or bad, military boots are no exception, high-quality military boots and inferior military boots have gaps in all aspects, today this article mainly from the wear resistance, compression resistance, waterproof, stab-resistant Sex and shock absorption to distinguish the difference between high quality military boots and inferior military boots.

7105-2 milforce desert boots

The wear resistance is divided into the wear resistance of the sole and the wear resistance of the upper. The out-sole of military boots is generally rubber. The density of rubber determines his wear resistance. High-quality military tactical boots use high-density rubber to make the out-sole, while the quality military boots use general or low-density rubber. When the same wear resistance test is performed with a file or other tool, the good sole is hardly worn, and the sole of the poor quality military shoe is worn away by a large piece. The upper part tested the wear resistance of the fur and nylon cloth in the same way. The result was also obvious. The skin and cloth of one pair of shoes were hardly worn, and the other pair of shoes was much more serious.

7279-2 milforce desert boots

The anti-pressure test is carried out by using a car from two pairs of shoes to observe their degree of deformation. After testing, the two pairs of shoes have undergone such a large pressure, the upper has been severely deformed, However,After a simple pull, the quality of the military boots is progressing the shape has some recovery, but the inferior military boots can not be restored to their original state, and the damage is very thorough.  



The content of the waterproof test is relatively simple. First, weigh the two shoes, then put the two shoes into the same depth of water for 10 minutes, take the shoes out of the water, drain the surface and put it on the scale again. Weigh and compare which shoes absorb more water. According to the measurement results, the weight of the high-quality military boots only weighs 32 grams, while the inferior military boots are 284.1 grams more. If you wear them on your feet, the extra weight will be obvious. Obviously, the waterproof performance of high-quality military boots is also good. In the wet environment, high-quality military boots can give the feet a more comfortable and dry environment.

7216 2-2 milforce desert boots

Next, it was stab-resistant. Because the bottom structure is different, different military desert boots have different stab resistance. Using the same awl to puncture the bottom of the boot, the high-quality military boots need to spend more strength, while the other pair is easily worn. After separating the sole from the upper surface, the sole can be found with a knife. The high-quality military shoe sole has many layers. The bottom-up structure is: rubber outsole, midsole (soft), plastic support piece, midsole ( Harder), super fiber on the bottom. Among them, the middle bottom is divided into double-density structure to ensure the cushioning and comfort of the boots. Looking at the inferior military boots, the sole part has only two layers. It is a synthetic cardboard and a mesh-shaped hollow rubber outsole with a stab resistance of almost zero.


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