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MILFORCE new low-cut police boots

Views: 239     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-03-13      Origin: Site


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Today we are going to introduce the new low-cut police boots from Milforce in January 2019.

No one would think that these two pairs of shoes are from Milforce, they break through the style of military boots and look more like sneakers for running. In fact, these two shoes are the new style of our tactical police boots, not ordinary sports shoes.



The black 4129 style has many highlights. The main material of the upper is nylon cloth and microfiber material. The tear-proof nylon cloth is breathable and comfortable. The microfiber is lighter than other materials. The heel is made of sequined reflective material, which can reflect in the dark. Light acts as a warning. The outer periphery of the shoe is stitched with thickened patterned microfiber material, which has the effect of damping and increasing friction. One of the highlights of this functional shoe is the first time to add the elements of the smart lacing system to the low-top shoes. The black speed-rotating buckle design makes it easy to put on and take off, and the pull-tab design of the heel is also convenient for the user. Wear and take off. The sole is as good as the EVA+ rubber MD sole, which is light and wearable. Overall, the 4129 is a very good no-boot boots that can be used as a comfortable commuter shoe or as a general training tactical shoe.

In contrast, the 7111 sand desert boots are a lot of low profile. This is also the new product in February. The shoes are made of sand-colored mesh. The toe and heel are made of leather and reinforced, and the sole is the lightest PU bottom. The laces are traditional break-resistant nylon laces. The whole shoe is comfortable and breathable. It is a very comfortable commuter shoes, which is very suitable for indoor wear.

These two shoes are available indoors. The 4129 can be worn outdoors. The comfort of the 7111 is even better. Each has its own characteristics. It is the two police boots that are very eye-catching in the January new products.


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