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Ladies patent leather office shoes are popular

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The main material of ladies patent leather office shoes is patent leather. The ladies patent leather office shoes, which are very unique in texture and touch, are indispensable items in wardrobes of women. They have popular characteristics and extra points.The deep-colored patent leather is low-key and extravagant, and the bright-colored patent leather is dazzling.A pair of patent leather shoes is a single item that people have to prepare, showing the acumen of fashion.After the 1990s, ladies patent leather office shoes quickly became popular and has not been eliminated.

1102-2 milforce lady shoes

Patent leather is the process of processing the surface into a bright and sturdy leather, which is a layer of paint on the skin or leather. This is the difference between patent leather boots and full leather boots.It looks very shiny and is a kind of clothing material with strong surface effect and style. The leather is very bright and the surface is very smooth, like brushing paint.One of the most important features of patent leather is brightness. So when you find that your shoes are smudged and not bright, use a dry cotton cloth with a patent leather care solution and evenly wipe the upper.


Because the leather surface is coated with thick chemical materials and reduces the natural ductility of the leather, it feels harder to wear, and it is not so casual to wear with the foot. Basically, the foot goes with the office shoes. Of course, there are exceptions, that is to look at the inner material selected when making shoes. Some poor quality patent leather office shoes may use synthetic leather material and the hardness of the patent leather itself make our feet uncomfortable when wearing it. If the shoes of the airtight characteristics need to be worn often, MILFORCE suggest that you try not to wear them often.

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When choosing a good pair of patent leather office shoes, it is best to first check whether the material the shoes inside is pig skin or sheepskin material, which is one of the keys to ensure the softness of the shoes.Next, press the upper to feel the softness and hardness of the leather and judge whether the shoes will wrinkle when worn. Then, hold the front and back parts of the shoes with both hands, and then bend it slightly to the middle. This is to feel the softness of the sole. If it is too hard, MILFORCE advise you not to sin your own feet for the sake of beauty alone.If the shoes are comfortable and the soles have a large degree of curvature, then you can give the shoes a chance to try them out.When you put your shoes on your feet, you must first stand up and apply the center of gravity to the new shoes to feel the extent of the leather. If you put pressure on it, the shoes will not give you any space for stretching your feet. The shoes will bring the pain of grinding feet in the future. If the shoes can follow the movement of your feet, you can feel the softness wrapped around your feet. The sole is not a hard feeling. It is a better choice for patent leather shoes.

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Patent leather shoes have a protective film that is more waterproof than normal leather shoes.However, if there is water on the patent leather shoes, the feet should not be closed, otherwise the patent leather shoes will stick together.If the shoes are soaked in rain, dry them as soon as possible.


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