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Is the color of desert boots limited to sand?

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During World War II, the British army stationed in Myanmar, the British century-old shoe expert Clarks family fourth generation descendant Nathan Clark joined the army, found a simple and comfortable anti-fur classic marching sand color casual boots, after the return of the country has been improved design, release Two pairs of shoe lasts are drilled with pairs of strap holes to facilitate the customer to adjust the tightness and wear and tear of the shoe body; the two pieces of soft leather are firmly stitched together and marked with orange stitching. This is the originator of desert boots.

Is the desert boots only sandy? The color of the desert is not only sand, of course, in order to achieve the hidden effect, desert boots can not only have sand color.

Australia's Simpson has a desert that is red; in the southern United States, the desert is white in the Lusoro Basin; the Karakum Desert in Central Asia is black; and the Arizona desert in the United States is red, yellow, purple, and blue. Various colors, such as white, are really colorful and beautiful. This is because the sand in the desert is mainly weathered by rocks, but the rocks contain a variety of minerals of various colors, thus causing the desert to have a variety of colors. The sands of the Simpson Desert contain iron, which is red when oxidized; the sands of the desert in the Lusoro Basin contain gypsum, while the gypsum crystals are white after weathering; while the Karakum desert is mainly weathered by black rocks. The sands of the Arizona desert are rich in a variety of minerals in many colors. In fact, the desert color is not only dry yellow, but also has a variety of other colors.

The color of the military boots is divided into two color systems, which are warm color and cool color.

Sand color is an option for classic desert boots.Also is a very representative warm color series.7245 is a pair of classic desert boots.The zipper in MILFORCE uses the world's best YKK zipper technology, which is usually self-locking, ensuring that it does not automatically pull back when worn.Of course, from an aesthetic point of view, our zipper head is hidden by the Velcro.

7245-2 milforce desert boots

Red is a magnificent spiritual manifestation, giving people a feeling of anger, enthusiasm and vitality.Asked a circle, everyone feels that the red desert boots have not heard of.But Milfroce can provide red desert boots 7264.This desert boot is suitable for the red desert of Simpson,Australia.Bright red shoes can reflect the unique taste of the guests, supporting the use of the corresponding uniform.

7264-2 milforce military dersert boots

Olive is often used as a protective color. It is a color in the cool series. It is commonly used in military boots.7256 is a pair of olive desert boots.Olive represents a sense of safety, calmness, and comfort. In places where the four seasons are distinct, such as seeing the trees of spring and the green leaves, it will make people feel new.

7256-2 milforce desert boots

Desert boots were originally designed to facilitate walking in the desert, so it does not require oily or alcohol cleaners to protect desert boots. Just brush it with a special shoe brush or toothbrush in a dirty place. The inside of the shoe and the sides of the mesh can be wiped with a cloth soaked in soapy water.


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