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How to match desert boots ?

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Military boots were originally designed by Nathan Clark (you know, the guy from Clarks), himself having taken inspiration from some homemade military footwear sported by Burmese soldiers.

While serving with the West African Brigade back during the Second World War, he spotted the lightweight, rough suede boots and decided to bring this practical design home with him. Fast forward 70 or so years, and Mr Clarks’ original design is such a lasting footwear staple that in France the desert boot is affectionately referred to as simply ‘Les Clarks’. 


Desert combat boots offer a similar style to the suede but have a thicker sole in order to make it more workable and hard enduring. There’s a variety of lengths. These rise above your ankle and can are tied all the way up, emulating the classic combat and military boot style. They’re also available in the ankle ‘walking’ shoe style to support you whilst you work.

These are better suited to extreme weather changes, so can take you through the whole year. However, they are harder to style and incorporate into your wardrobe due to their chunky shape and length, despite their neutral sand shade. The combat and military style desert boot is better suited to those looking for hard enduring work boots, or are into military style, as they look great with combat trousers. Even camouflage ones. 

Desert boots have long since been a classic staple footwear for many men. It’s a perfect match for all kinds of clothing.

With formal wear

When you think of a pair of desert boots you wouldn’t necessarily think of dressing them up. This is what we need to tackle as they can be a great smart shoe for a more formal occasion. Of course, this depends on what you wear them with as you wouldn’t team them with jeans for a formal look. But, worn with a pair of trousers and a formal shirt you can have a smart look that’s formal appropriate and stylish. 

Wear a pair of black desert boots made from MILFORCE with a white dress shirt and team it with a pair of formal black trousers. Because you’re going for a more formal look, I’d suggest against rolling up the bottoms of your trousers. We know we’re the leaders of the pack when it comes to rolling up the bottoms of your trousers or jeans, but this time, we’d say not to. This keeps the look formal rather than giving it a casual vibe with rolled trousers.

Throw an overcoat over the top for the ultimate in formal cool and you’ll be good to go. Because of the season, the black overcoat will keep you warm without compromising on style. Of course, you don’t have to go for a black number, you can choose to wear a grey or even camel coloured one.

6227-2 milforce leather boots

With casual wear

So you have your brand-spanking new pair of desert boots, now you need inspiration on how to wear them. To kick off our style guide we’ll take a look at the classic way to wear such an iconic style: as a happy medium between a smart shoe or brogue, and a casual trainer. Their slender profile and mid-height ankle lend themselves perfectly to being worn with a pair of slim jeans or chinos teamed with a slim white tee, polo or a casual shirt. Whether for a night out with mates, a first date or just weekend lazing, a desert boot in suede or beeswax leather is a quick fix to sharpen up your casual look. 

For the ultimate casual then why not try wearing a red flannel shirt with a pair of raw denim jeans. The red flannel shirt really works against the blue hue of the jeans, which, in turn, works against the beige color of the shoes making for an all round perfect casual look this season.

7251-2 milforce desert boots


Wearing boots with shorts might sound like an eccentric choice, but that’s actually how they were first worn — as part of the British Army uniform in the warm, humid climate of Burma. The look still works perfectly well today as part of a casual look for the warmer weather. The lighter suede styles are ideal to wear with shorts and no (or no-show) socks, teamed with a simple plain or striped tee or button-down shirt.

7280-2 milforce desert boots

Part of the desert boot’s appeal is in its soft suede construction, keeping it a lighthearted alternative to more formal boot styles. But as any footwear aficionado knows, keeping suede looking clean day to day can be a nightmare. Personally, we think the desert boot looks just as good with a bit of wear and tear, but if you prefer the box-fresh look, spray before first use with a suede protector such as Crep Protect. This not only protects from every day dirt and grime, but has the added benefit of preventing the dreaded ‘denim bleed’ – the blue stains left behind on suede through prolonged contact with the indigo dyes in raw denim. Otherwise, just wear them and enjoy them!


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