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How to lace combat boot?

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The ultimate goal of wearing a bootie is to tie your boots and stuff the feet into the shoes.

You may not know that the boots and the lacing of the army military boots are very important for the overall fit and performance of the tactical boots.

There are several ways to secure your boots to your feet. 

In addition, the material of the shoelace is equally important.

Lacing Systems

Tactical desert boots usually use different metal buckles or eyelets to accommodate the laces. 

There are many brands of shoes that use different lacing methods on one shoe.

Some jungle boots and tactical boots, the lace system uses the classic Speed lacing systems.

Unlike the Speed lacing systems for each pair of shoes, they tighten the uppers of the boots to the tongue to stabilize your ankles.

Some boots use eyelets that allow the laces to pass horizontally and form a turn at the laces.


Another lacing system is the genuine speed lace system.

6239-2 milforce military boots

The genuine speed lace system is an open hook instead of a small strap or a small hole that the wearer manually attaches to the hook each time he wears the boot.

It may be slower to tie the laces at first, but after practicing the habit, you will find out later that the system speed lace system is really designed to quickly tighten the laces.

The popular method of tying shoelaces for tactical boots

In this section, we will subdivide the options for the different methods of military boots and the naming of each lacing method.


CRISS-CROSS LACING is a standard twill lace method commonly used on sports shoes and regular boots.

If you want to look more even, you can pass the laces through the same side at the top each time. 

This form is also known as over-under lacing.


The STRAIGHT-BAR LACING method allows the laces to appear horizontally parallel across the entire shoe.

The benefit is that it provides a clean look and the ability to be tightened, but provides little support for foot and ankle support.


For maximum stability and support, you can learn about the LADDER LACING method.

The laddered exterior creates a bold visual impression while providing superior ruggedness.

Due to the complexity of this method, it requires long laces and looks best on military combat boots with a large number of holes.

Paratroopers seeking maximum support usually prefer to use this lacing method. The disadvantage is that it can be difficult to hurriedly tighten.

Lace material used in combat boots

Traditionally, laces are made up of several fibers, usually jute, hemp, or cotton.

Today, most manufacturers have switched to synthetic fibers, which are more durable but slippery.

Sliding is very bad. 

Slip means that your boots are easy to loose, while loose boots cause too much space friction between the feet and the boots. Friction can cause blisters.


Many times, if you feel uncomfortable wearing military leather boots, the reason is not that the insole and shoe size are not suitable, you can consider a variety of laces and lacing methods.

Finding a way to fit your own laces and lacing method can make your feet more comfortable.


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