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How do you get warmer when it is wet and cold wear military boots?

Views: 185     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-28      Origin: Gear Kr


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If you never fall into the ice water, you don't know what the real cold is. We usually rushed to the wind or the thinner ones were cold, but it was not as wet or cold as it was.

In the winter, when the outdoor athletes are not focused, they will be in a "dead immediately" situation. And to deal with these bad situations, you have to do two things. First of all, make sure that the equipment you wear can meet the environment; secondly, have a solid outdoor basic knowledge, whether it is to help or help your little friends, because no one else can help you in the wilderness.

Five steps to get warmer:

The first step: keep dry

Try to find a place to rest, and then quickly replace the wet clothes. If you don't have dry clothes to wear, take off your wet clothes and wring out and wear them.

The second step: move around

Move, such as picking up firewood, which will keep you agile in a short time. Collecting firewood should be divided into three phases. First of all, pick up the larger wood, because it can produce more heat, then pick up the small branches, and finally collect the fire. In general, I recommend stacking three different firewood' so that it is more convenient to pick them up, even at night.

How do you get warmer when it is wet and cold-1

The third step: firing

Now you can make a fire. Choose a position that is as leeward as possible, such as a large stone or a mountain root. Use your waterproof match, Fire Knife, magnesium rod or Jet boil stove to make a fire. When the temperature is below the freezing point, the lighter is definitely not expected. This also reflects the greatness of waterproof matches.

Step 4: Reflective surface

Your fire has become more and more prosperous. Now you need to be a big guy to keep the heat of the fire fully utilized, and the Reflection will ensure that you are surrounded by heat. If you don't have the ability to build a "reflective surface," use at least a simple wall of wood. The ideal structure is that you have a barrier behind it, and then build a reflective surface in front to ensure that heat is transferred to each angle.

Step 5: Add a "heat source"

You are now comfortable with the fire; you can dry your clothes. But don't think that everything is going well now. Now, you should use your Jet boil stove or burn the pot water directly on the fire.

When the water is boiled, you can first fill the Nalgene Cup (a space cup of its tactical). Then put it in the clothes to warm, but you need to wear a layer of clothing and do not stick to the body to prevent burns. This kind of heat source can better help you recover the state. I generally like to put it on the chest, so that the internal organs are hot.

In the end, the water will cool down. When it cools down, drink it, so the energy of the hot water is not bad. Then, boil water and repeat the above process. Remember to stick to this tactic the next time you go hunting in the cold wilderness or sleeping. I have used this trick many times, and it can be said that it is "everything to try."

Many of our Milforce military boots are suitable for winter wear. While ensuring the warmth of the feet, there are also waterproof and breathable performances. The next three black military boots are suitable for winter outdoor wear.

6286-2 milforce combat leather boots

This Model#6286 high quality army full leather boots features a suede cowhide for warmth and a lightweight, non-slip sole for outdoor hiking.

4207-2 milforce tactical boots

This Model#4207 army winters tactical boots has a high-top design, the mouth is comfortable to fit the ankle, the side zipper is easy to put on and off, and the inside is waterproof.

9202-2 milforce flying boots

This Model#4207military air force flying boots made by Milforce are light and comfortable, and the zipper design on both sides is suitable for the pilot's quick release and quick wear. For the pilot, the full-leather flying boots are warm and not easy to wear, and fit the feet.

Keep in mind the ideal rapid recovery of body temperature and emergency skills mentioned above. If you are in a cold state for too long, you may enter the hypothermia or more dangerous stages in advance. At this level, treatment becomes extremely complicated and can only be solved by professional medical personnel. Therefore, using the above method when you are in a low temperature environment can help you to do a lot before the situation gets worse.

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