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What kind of shoes are military safety shoes?

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In military operations, there are often various dangerous and complicated situations. High temperature, high pressure, humidity, and sharp objects are everywhere and so on, just like a mountain of swords and a sea of flames. The soldiers are in the process of fighting. The foot will touch the cumbersome, hard, angular object at any time, so that it is bruised, stabbed or crushed. On the other hand, if solders do not standing still, the body will lose balance and change the normal posture, thus causing accident. In this way, the safety equipment for protecting the foot is particularly important, and the military safety shoes are designed to minimize the damage suffered by the soldiers.

Military safety shoes are military boots with special functions, such as anti-skid, waterproof, anti-static, anti-mite, etc., usually worn by Military research staff, soldiers, officers, which can meet the protection. The foot is not subject to injury and also make it comfortable, it as well as have production standards specified by professional standards. Military safety protective shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process requires high requirements for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, etc. Many of the shoe manufacturers with certain scale and grade will be re-produced later. Focus on the market segment of safety shoes.

According to the meaning of safety shoes, it can be known that such military boots have various protection functions. According to the main industry standards, the main functions of military safety shoes are as follows:

1. anti-mite

Adopting the industry standard (protecting toe safety shoes LD50-94), the inner lining of the toe safety shoes is made of steel toe cap, which has anti-static and impact resistance, stab-proof, anti-mite, very safe, tested and pressure-resistant. 10KN, toe impact resistance 23KG impact hammer from 900MM height free fall impact on the toe, the shoe deformation gap ≥ 15MM, to protect the toe safety shoes, rubber and elastomer support, comfortable to wear, and Does not affect daily actions.

2. puncture prevention

The national standard-grade anti-puncture military safety shoes can protect the soles of the feet from stab wounds and can withstand a penetration force of 1100N, which is very effective in a special military environment.

3. anti-static

The anti-static military boots are produced according to the GB4385-1995 standard, and the resistance value ranges from 100KΩ to 1000MΩ. The product has the functions of good air permeability, anti-static, wear-resisting, anti-skid, etc. It is mainly suitable for the Air Force, the staff of the Aerospace Risk Division. To avoid flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity.

4. oil resistant

According to the oil resistance standard test, the volume increase is not more than 12%. If the volume does not increase, but shrinks, the amount of reduction is greater than 0.5% of the original volume or the hardness increases by more than 10 (Shore A), and 40,000 times of cracking is not more than 7 mm according to GB/T 3903.1.

5. non-slip

Generally, the polyurethane is used to form the outsole at one time, the design of the sole pattern is unique, and the anti-slip coefficient of the sole needs to meet the industry standard.

6. acid and alkali resistance

It meets the requirements of GB12018-89 standard and can meet the normal working requirements in the acid or alkaline environment of the specified degree. It should be noted that acid and alkali resistant military boots can only be used in acid and alkali working places with low concentration; avoid contact with high temperature, sharp damage to the upper or sole leakage; apply water to wash the acid and alkali on the shoes after wearing Liquid, then dry to avoid direct sunlight or drying.

7. insulation

Insulated military boots are military boots that can be worn as auxiliary safety tools and labor protection articles when working on AC 50HZ, 1000V and below or DC 1500V and below.

8. wear resistance

Wear-resistant military boots are generally made of high-quality soles for a variety of environments.

3102-1 milforce safety shoes

3106-2 milforce military safety shoes3104-6 milforce military safety shoes

The above is a feature introduction of various functional military safety shoes. Whether it is safety shoes, jungle boots, desert boots, we must ensure its safety..

From the height of the upper face, it is divided into ankle boots, ankle boots and ankle boots. Safety shoes over the ankle can better protect the lower leg. Our company's currently produced safety shoes are available in both lacing and elastic, and the tube height also has different options.


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