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What is the difference between the sizes of the military boots?

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Buying shoes and selling shoes are accurate to grasp their own demand. Comfort is our first demand for shoes; this is a very reasonable demand. Businessmen who sell shoes in business will certainly not present the shortcomings of their shoes to customers for the first time. It is just like selling watermelons without saying that their melon is not sweet. Shoes are what we wear every day from morning to night. Even if it's a genuine, it can give you a sense of discomfort if it doesn't fit a bit. For example, it’s similar to rub a few pieces of your skin.

The style of the male is similar to female boots .Our factory has only made different adjustments to male and female feet. Military Boots of women are usually more breathable than boots of men .The number of women made in China is less than the number of men. In terms of color, the styles army tactical boots of men and women are universal. They are mainly black and sandy, and they also are brown colors. The difference between men's military tactical boots and women's military tactical boots in the same size is that the width of men boots is wider than that of women boots. The boots are mainly made of different molds. The boots of men are wide and slightly larger, and boots of women are narrow and small.

How do you measure the size of the foot? The first step is to prepare a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler. The paper should not be too small. If the paper is not big enough, it will be meaningless to prepare the paper. The second step is to place your feet on the paper and stand evenly on both sides of the ground. The third step is to draw the shape of the foot with the stroke of the foot. Finally, you can use your ruler to measure the foot width and foot length.

What is the difference between the sizes of the military boots-2

In terms of measurement time, it is recommended that you measure foot length in the afternoon when your feet will be larger in a day. People’s left and right feet are basically symmetrical, but there must be a slight difference in size, so the larger one should be chosen when measuring shoe size.

The shoe codes adopted by different countries in the world are not consistent, but generally they include two measurements of length and width. Length refers to the length of the wearer's foot, or the length of the shoe last of the manufacturer. Normally, there are US,European, British and centimeter numbers corresponding to shoes of different countries. MILFORCE provides you with the following size table, no matter what size you want, MILFORCE can provide it to you.

 What is the difference between the sizes of the military boots-3

The potential of a factory comes from three aspects of knowledge, skills and attitudes. No matter what you do, attitude is very important. If you are sincerely looking for us to buy military boots and we will try our best to answer any question about military boots for you, including what boots are suitable for you and what styles is best. Tell you a little bit first, for our orders, the sales of the 41-43 military boots of men are best, and the boots of women are the 37-39 .We don't need to say more about upgrading our skills. We were founded in 1984, and the number of years we set up shows our experience.

For shoe size, do not believe that you should buy one size bigger than others. You should usually buy normal size, and the size of normal shoes will have reserve space. The choice of the right code will not squeeze the foot. If you have any question, MILFORCE can provide you with answers.


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