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What are the different insoles for military boots?

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A good pair of boots is made up of all the best parts. Today, let's talk about the most "closed" to contact with your feet: insoles.

The insoles are an especially important part of military boots; it is in contact with the soles of soldiers, affecting the comfort of the boots. Therefore, the insole needs to undergo strict consideration and research from material selection and structural design. After so many years of exploration, the type of insoles in military boots has been classified in several categories.

First of all, from the material, the insoles of military boots can be divided into three types: Eva Insoles, PU Shoe Pad and leather insoles.

What are the different insoles for military boots2

EVA insole:

EVA insoles are the oldest in the insole material, which has contributed to the development of the footwear industry. When the footwear industry develops, it is widely used in shoemaking, and our military boots are no exception. EVA is similar to rubber and it doesn't feel cold with hand. But the real rubber feels hard and slightly cool. EVA has a dent when use the nail pinch, and it is also not breathable. EVA insole has good support and good elasticity. It is suitable for shoes with large amount of exercise, so it is widely used in military boots. But EVA insoles also have disadvantages: not airtight. Therefore, the person with more sweat and foot odor is avoided. If someone says something about environmentally friendly deodorant EVA, it is a lie.

PU insoles:

PU is an artificial synthetic material, with a real leather texture, very strong and durable and low price PU Synthetic leather is used to replace PVC artificial leather, its price is higher than the PVC artificial leather. From the Chemical, it's closer to the leathery fabric, and it doesn't use plasticizer to make it soft, so it doesn't get hard and brittle. At the same time, it has the advantages of a rich color and lots of patterns, and is cheaper than leather, that's why it's so popular with consumers.

Shoes made from EVA and PU have some structural similarities, and in general the two materials will be made into cushioned cushioning series with better energy absorption, a group of long distance runners like the military would prefer EVA or PU insoles, especially if they are fitted with a variety of materials

Leather insoles: 

Military boots used in the use of leather insoles are generally officer shoes, the advantages of the real leather need not be said more, breathable and deodorized, it is the most comfortable material. In addition, the leather insoles are exquisite in appearance and generous, make people feel very high-end. The disadvantage is leather insoles are used permanently will be inflexible, no longer soft, no longer deodorized, so use leather insoles should take care of maintenance.

The price of these three materials is different; the leather is the most expensive, Eva and PU relatively cheap.

What are the different insoles for military boots3

In addition to material considerations, the insoles of military boots are also available in both removable and non-removable categories, and high-gang boots, such as regular tactical boots and jungle boots, are detachable to replace and clean. The leather insoles used by some of the office shoes are non-removable. Because the leather is a natural material, Shrinkage occurs in the presence of temperature changes and perspiration, in order to maintain the shape of the insoles and the overall comfort of the shoes better, the insoles will be glued to the soles of the shoes, high-end shoes will be re-sewed and reinforced.

The above is the general style of the boots ‘insoles, I hope this article can help you to choose the most suitable products at the time of purchase! Thank you for your reading.


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