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What are the characteristics of the best-selling military boots in the Malaysia market?

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The southern part of Malaysia is the world-famous Strait of Malacca, and the east is the South China Sea. Its coastline is more than 4,100 kilometers. The Malaysian Navy not only protects the coastline, but also protects more than 590,000 square kilometers of territorial waters.The combat effectiveness of the Malaysian army, its training water and the morale of the Yue Army are only moderately in the entire ASEAN.Malaysia is a country with a large number of Chinese. Therefore, the Chinese aesthetic view of military boots is suitable for the Malaysian market.

The standard distributed by the military is not only military boots, but also leather shoes and training shoes. These are basic configurations, and what the soldiers wear are determined according to their own tasks. However, some people ask questions about why there is no movement. What about shoes?Why do the soldiers wear military boots every day, and after reading them, they know that this is the truth.Sneakers are really resistant to running, but the task of the soldiers is not only the running activity. Their task environment is complex and diverse. The training content is also varied and the intensity is very high. The wear of the shoes is very big. Sneakers, it is possible to change two pairs of shoes in a month.Therefore, the state's configuration for military personnel is military boots rather than sports shoes. Although the military boots are very heavy, they are not worn all the time, and the military boots are thick , and they have good adaptability to various environments. In addition, the high uppers of the military boots are also good for the soldiers’ ankles of protective effect.

4244-2 milforce tactical boots

The best-selling military boots on the Malaysian market include office shoes, tactical boots and jungle boots, which are available in a variety of colors.The color of men's office shoes is the most obvious. The color of office shoes seems to remove the common colors of black, as well as bright colors such as reddish brown and white.In order to improve safety awareness, some officers at the officer level will ask MILFORCE to add steel nails to the sole to protect themselves from harm.

1250 底3-2 milforce office shoes

Anti-piercing office shoes not only have anti-piercing effect, but also have anti-smashing and anti-slip function.

1274-2 milforce office shoes

1. Anti-piercing office shoes are leather shoes that protect the toes. The products are produced according to the European standard.

2. The anti-piercing office shoes have strong oil resistance, and the upper is made of leather, cloth, sponge, etc., to facilitate the user's work.

3. Endurance of anti-piercing protective shoes: 10KN pressure acts on the toe for 1min, and the internal clearance is not less than 15mm.

4. Anti-piercing labor insurance toe cap is very resistant to impact

4279-2 milforce tactical boots

Whether it's desert boots or jungle boots, many Malaysian buyers are looking for camouflage cloth.The combination of camouflage cloth and leather meets the aesthetics and requirements of Malaysians.There is a very popular camouflage desert boots.

7239-2 milforce military dersert boots

The reason why camouflage military boots can make the soldiers better hide is that the reflected light waves of the camouflage military boots are almost the same as the light waves reflected by the surrounding scenery, which not only makes the enemy difficult to find with the naked eye, but also has a certain confusion on the infrared reconnaissance.Our warriors not only wear camouflage military boots, but also choose to apply camouflage on their faces. It is like wearing a "camouflage suit" on their faces, which is consistent with the role of camouflage military boots.In addition to these, the face is painted with camouflage, which can prevent the soldiers from seeing the true face of the warrior when they are fighting with the enemy. If the enemy is subdued on the spot, then of course there is no problem, but once the enemy who sees the soldier’s face escapes, it is inevitable that the enemy will not Retaliation will be given when the warrior orders.After the face is painted with camouflage, the enemy can at least not easily see the soldier's appearance, so that the soldiers can alleviate some psychological burden when fighting the enemy.The enemies facing the soldiers sometimes have more timidity. When the enemy's warrior's face is strangely painted, plus the guilty conscience, there will be some fear in the heart, and even collapse and lose the fighting power. At this time, the camouflage on the face of the soldier played a role in shocking the enemy.


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