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What are the characteristics of the best-selling military boots in the German market?

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The military boots in various countries have their own unique characteristics. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of military boots on the feet of soldiers in Germany.

The best-selling military boots on the German market are mainly leather and nylon fabrics, and some styles of military boots also have breathable holes, which fully guarantee the breathability of the interior of the shoes. The sole is a lightweight MD sole, usually composed of the EVA mid-sole and the rubber out-sole. It also relieves pressure on the basis of wear resistance and maximizes the comfort of the foot.

4248-2 milforce tactical boots

The following black leather tactical boots are one of the hottest in the German market .The current model of the German Army combat boot is a comfortable and durable military boot with significantly improved running and wearing comfort. The anatomically shaped insole is replaceable and washable and provides, in conjunction with the moisture absorbent liner an optimal foot climate. The out-sole has good insulation against heat and cold, is non-slip and oil and petrol resistant. Thanks to the rounding on the toe and heel is the perfect roll of the foot ensured.

4249-2 milforce tactical boots

- Fully breathable cotton fabric lining.

- Anatomically shaped tongue.

- Ventilation holes on soft padded ankle collar.

- Innovative designed rubber sole with siliconized seams.

- Pleat in the ankle area (heel bend).

- Hydrophobic waterproof leather uppers.

6288-2 milforce leather boots

In addition, full leather boots with drills are also loved by many people in the German market. The role of steel nails is to reduce the wear on the bottom of the leather and to make the footsteps of the personnel more stable for military parades or other special occasions. 

6289-2 milforce leather boots

This Drills boots is the latest in this year's style. The stylish body design is matched with a full leather sole with steel studs. The body is made of black leather with fluffy hair. It is soft and breathable and protects the ankle.

Milforce also has a lot of hot-selling military boots in the German market for you to choose. There is always a high-quality military boots that can meet your needs, all in milforce!


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