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What are the characteristics of the best-selling military boots in the ABU DHABI market?

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The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, including approximately 200 islands. The sun and blue sky are typical of the year with an average rainfall of 392 mm. June to September is generally a hot and dry season with an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The weather from October to May is generally good. It is cooler in January and February and may require a thin jacket.

7272-2 milforce dersert boots

Abu Dhabi's climate determines their demand for military boots. Currently, the best-selling military boots on the Abu Dhabi market include desert boots, office shoes and tactical boots.

7229-2 milforce desert boots

Every Abu Dhabi soldier will have a pair of desert boots. The terrain and climate make the desert boots the most suitable military boots in the region. The sturdy and velvety cowhide leather can keep the inside breathability and comfort, and protect the soldiers foot to the greatest extent. The non-slip rubber sole and the elastic middle sole form a lightweight and wear-resistant Model sole. The hot weather makes the mid-boots in the desert more popular, supporting the ankles and preventing dust from hurting the feet. Milforce's 7229 is a classic Abu Dhabi style, the design has added the popular elements, the inner nylon zipper makes it easier to put on and take off.

1221-2 milforce office shoes

For those officers, they chose the drill shoes in the office shoes to protect their feet in this market. The drill boots are office shoes with steel plates at the soles. The positions of the steel plates are sometimes at the front or the heels, Sometimes in the middle. The sole is not only defensive in terms of safety, but also protects the feet from being pierced by sharp objects. And in the aesthetics is also very aggressive, soft leather with hard metal, calm and fortitude collision. 

1245-2 milforce office shoes

The 1245 perfectly interprets the characteristics of the drill boots. The full-grain leather and three-joint style are the most classic elements in the office shoes. The streamlined stitching makes the whole boots low-key and luxurious. The heel and toe of the rubber sole are inlaid with two steel plates. A crisp impact sound when in contact with the ground can make people feel excited.

4231-2 milforce tactical boots

The tactical boots in the Abu Dhabi market are not much different from other markets. The camouflage style is relatively more popular. For example, the style of the 4231 is a zipper strap that fits the foot and is not easy to fall off and loose.


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