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What are the bestselling military boots in the UK?

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The Medical Daily Newspaper has pointed out that the study found that the personality characteristics of the shoes can be revealed, including the age of a person, the gender of the person, income, political position, and other personality traits including emotional stability. Shoes like clothing are an external manifestation of one's aesthetics and values. But people tend to ignore the details of the shoes. On the one hand, the shoes and the clothes should be adjusted, and they know what shoes to wear and what shoes to wear. Military boot is the man's most Real mind window.

As long as the military boots of men are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind belongs to the many brands in Europe, and the military boots of each factory have their own characteristics. The characteristics of British boots are decent and meticulous. The British handmade boots brands are mostly concentrated in the shoe-making place of Northampton. In 1642, a group of 13 Northampton shoemakers received a munitions order for Ireland, including more than 4,000 pairs of military shoes and more than 600 pairs of military boots, which has since become the birthplace of the British handmade shoe brand.

The material of the military boots is made of good material. People have face, Trees and skins. And military boots are the same. Good leather materials and accessories are the elements of military boots giving users a good first impression. Everyone knows that the leather is divided into two layers which name top grain leather and the second grain of leather, and top grain leather of the cowhide is very thick. Top grain cow leather is the first layer of leather. It has the characteristics of good toughness, softness and good ductility. The thickness is generally about 2mm. Top grain cow leather feels silky and has elasticity. Of course, the raw material price is relatively high. The leather surface of the second grain of leather is generally treated, and the overall performance is slightly worse than that of the top layer, but the raw material price is lower than that of the top layer. Most of the high-end brand shoes that everyone sees in the mall are made from the top grain. However, with the continuous development of modern processing technology, the personal intuitive feeling of the second layer of leather has also made a lot of progress.

The high production costs of state-owned enterprises lead to high production costs, which is why the prices of many military boots sellers are high.

However, in the processing of the outer sheet, the second layer of leather is used, unless the foreigner requires the use of the top layer or the processing of the material. If it is a domestic skin, such as desert boots, it must be a two-layer skin undoubtedly, it can be said that no one would be willing to use the top layer of leather to make desert boots. MILFORCE has provided the UK with military boots with its superb technology and excellent quality in the highly competitive hand-made shoe industry. What are the bestselling military boots in the UK?

4237-2 milforce tactical boots6248 底2-2 milforce military boots

4237 tactical boots is made of top grain cow leather and nylon fabric. 6248 full leather boots is made of top grain cow leather and its color is brown with fashion sense. These two models are two of the best-selling models in the UK market. The common feature of these two pairs of military boots is the low-key revealing luxury.


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