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The best choice -- military boot

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Military boots is the best choice for soldiers. Military boots are made well and durable, it can completely protect soldier’s feet. It can give people a sense of upright and high-rise, also it looks very powerful. That’s why many people love military boots.

It can protect your feet from pest and snake. If we stuff trousers into boot barrels of high-ranking combat boots, it can prevent poisonous snakes, centipedes and other series of insects from penetrating into boots. They are not afraid of biting their feet when traveling in woodlands and weeds.

Also in the desert, the wind and sand are usually very large. Military boot can prevent any dust and sand from entering the boots, thus saving the time of cleaning the boots frequently. Dressed in high-barrel combat boots, jumping from high to hard ground can effectively prevent ankle fractures or sprains.

Army boots have a hard skin that prevents bomb debris and bounces, effectively prevents all explosive debris from hitting. The sole of military boots prevents nails and glass from penetrating and protects the sole from injury.

The leather of military boots is exceptional toughness. Although scratched by stones, they leave traces, they are very strong. Military boots are also a very powerful offensive weapon, which can be used in crisis situations. Military boots deserve to be praised as the best boots in the world.

Milforce Equipment Co., Ltd. is a premium quality supplier of military boots, serving customers over more than 38 countries worldwide, including Europe, Americas, Africa, the Middle East, etc., Established in 1984.

4240-6 milforce tactical boots

We want to recommend our 4240 tactical boots, this tactical boots use highly breathable full-grain cowhide leather and nylon fabric upper for long lasting support.

Function: MD outsole, comfortable and light, non-slip and wear-resistant, front and rear line, increase the fastness of the upper and the sole. The side zipper is quickly worn off. 

Breathable eyelets keep the air circulation inside the tactical boot.


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