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Movie "Speed and Passion 7" Movie Review

Views: 920     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-13      Origin: Site


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"Speed and Passion 7" is different from the previous ones. This episode may be one of the most passionate from fans of the series . It's all because of one person - Paul Walker.His death allowed the fans of the Speedy series to no longer appreciate and evaluate the film in an absolutely objective position.In addition to the usual brakes, car parachuting, jungle chasing, speeding the cliffs, and driving through the three high-rise buildings, the director is all the best in challenging the audience's imagination and creating audio-visual shock.


You don't need to spread the story slowly. You don't need too much space to introduce the background of the characters and shape the character. The fans can immediately think of their past stories, their character, their vicissitudes as long as they stand in front of the camera. They were thrilled.Every movement, every line, every expression, and every intimate cooperation of the characters, without any words, can make the audience feel good and accept.Then into the movie in the shortest possible time, follow the protagonists to start a thrilling adventure. This is the charm of a series of movies.

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