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Military boots designed and manufactured to meet today's mission

Views: 214     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-09      Origin: Site


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Through years of military boots manufacturing experience and open-minded learning, MILFORCE has maintained its position in the development of innovative brown leather desert boots manufacturing technology, and on this basis, it has produced shoes that look like boots, but are as comfortable as sports shoes.

For the ever-changing needs of the US military for the performance of youth suede desert boot, MILFORCE is able to adapt and respond quickly, enabling the company to gain a high reputation for quality products, on-time delivery and first-class customer service.

As we seek to continue to expand our already large share of the military supplies market, we are constantly striving and making great strides every day to ensure that our footwear products are of the highest quality. We will meet the needs and expectations of our customers as the core of the future challenges, and continue to create extremely durable and comfortable military boots products, ready to meet your needs when you are ready to fight.

The picture below shows the structure of our sole:

7270-5 milforce desert boots7270-2 milforce desert boots

7212-5 milforce desert boots7212-2 milforce desert boots

7217-5 milforce desert boots7217-2 milforce desert boots

The sole structure has a high performance, and it can distribute the impact of the heel to the toe as your favorite sneakers, providing you with an excellent cushioning experience. This structure is characterized by a combination of thick polyurethane backing midsole and a strong, durable rubber outsole, making it the premier military boot construction – the best cushioning performance and excellent walking durability.

● Industrial strength polyurethane - excellent durability

● Optimal wear resistance

● Oil resistant - no oil trace formation

● Damping

● Excellent performance in cold weather

● Excellent slip resistance

● The strong midsole is bonded to the upper layer

● The design suitable for walking makes the product play an excellent traction and has the ability to clean itself.


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