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Military boots are not worth buying! really?

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Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, military boots are a must-have item in marching equipment. Its style, texture and function not only affect the combat level of the military, but also reflect the reference factors of a country's economic situation and technology. The military boots on the battlefield are full of cold, mysterious and masculine gas fields, and its powerful practical performance makes it an indispensable part of military equipment. For this reason, not only the military people favor the military boots, but also military boots are the necessary dressing items for many people outside the military field. Under the guidance of the military fashion trend, even the invasion of the fashion industry has become more and more intense. In many film and television dramas, tough guy must choose the military boots; many people will not notice these details, and the movies of each era have the unique products of that era.

Why are the prices of military boots expensive? Are they worth buying?

6207-6 milforce leather boots

Firstly, Most of the uppers are made of top grain cow leather, which has high abrasion resistance and a certain waterproof and breathable ability. Some of the uppers have two drainage holes on each side, emphasizing the function of draining and quick-drying. 

For the status quo, the combination of materials, such as double-layer soles military tactical boots, is the best and most convenient solution to protect the feet by using a resistant out-sole. At the same time, the comfort of walking is achieved by using a softer mid-sole. For this purpose, the current best combination of materials is the use of rubber to make the outsole and the use of polyurethane to make the mid-sole. The process of making the outsole and mid-sole of the sole can be carried out in steps, and finally they are bonded together using an adhesive. In most cases, Processing in advance is required, such as sanding the rubber surface. Another method of bonding is to use an automatic adhesive spray process between the two materials, using the chemical bonding function of the rubber and the bonding function of the PU to achieve the bonding purpose.

In addition, we also have a wide-sized hoe size specially designed for customers. Comfortable and adjustable lining is to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable in a hot climate.

4271-2 milforce tactical boots

Secondly, now our customers' favorite boots are generally made of EVA and rubber composite bottom. The raw material is a mixture of rubber and EVA. This kind of bottom is lighter than all-rubber boots and more wear-resistant than PU bottom boots. Compound of rubber and EVA has a rubber part in contact with the ground, so it has anti-slip and wear-resisting properties, and the inside is foam-like, so it is light and combines the advantages of rubber and EVA, so the application is very wide. If in this hot summer, you still like to wear this boots to go outdoors for some stretching exercises, you may wish to consider buying a rubber and EVA composite full leather shoes.

Sometimes for military needs, we increase the anti-piercing function. The anti-piercing shoes are placed on the steel sheet above the sole to prevent the sharp gas and the sharp objects from piercing the sole to cause damage to the bottom of the staff. Anti-piercing shoes protect foot to prevent stab wounds from various sharp objects.

4215-2 milforce tactical boots

Thirdly, the insole is made of shock absorbing material and sweat absorbing material. With the venting design and anti-odor and antibacterial technology, it can eliminate the odor by providing shock absorption, perspiration and breathability.

Of course, there are other reasons, the above three points are the key points. Shoes are known for their practicality, durability and safety, so they have been deeply loved by people around the world. The style of the military boots under our brand is mostly wear-resistant, low-key and casual. It is a good choice for outdoor sports and military activities. We think military boots are worth buying and wearing.


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