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Military boots 4125 out of the box evaluation

Views: 166     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-01      Origin: Site


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In accordance with the requirements of a US military customer, we developed Combat leather ankle military tactical boots 4125. After the customer received the goods for 2 years, he took the initiative to contact us and said that I was very satisfied with it. Here, we want to share it with more customers. The customer said that he has been paying attention to military boots from MILFORCE, saying that other people's military boots are not too fancy, that is too simple, military boots from MILFORCE are fashionable, and our price is in place.

The specific test is as follows:

After 2 years of training, the sole has been slightly worn, which proves that the wear resistance of the base is good. The out-sole is a rubber sole. After secret research, we have improved the tensile strength and tear strength of the rubber out-sole. The mid-sole is EVA, the EVA mid-sole is called a foaming, and the composite bottom of rubber sole and EVA not only adds visual sense about fashion , but also is light in use.

4125-3 milforce office boots

The biggest feature of these pair of military boots is that they automatically tie the laces. After the time is tempered, the laces are fastened as they are, but the cracks on the side of the shoe are slightly cracked. The automatic laces are not only easy to use, but also protect the user's safety. Without the extra laces, it is not easy to wrestle. This automatic lace sneaker is a high-tech result, which can be seen from its appearance and function. Each shoelace has a reinforcement at the eyelets of the tie. The whole part of the suture can’t be seen, and the weight is much lighter.

4125-4 milforce office boots

The shock-absorbing insole is really good, shock absorption, heat dissipation, not easy to sweat, easy to clean, and fast. Invisible protection for the trained soldiers during the exercise. Whether it is an elderly person, a young worker or a child, if you have a comprehensive cushioning insole that protects your foot.

4125-7 milforce office boots

There are a number of venting holes on the side, the holes are very small, and large sand and foreign matter cannot enter. The upper is made of elastic fabric, no stitching is visible, and the overall fit is still soft and elastic. This design of the upper is a highlight of the pair of shoes, wear off effort, not to wear the ankles, with the fast-laying laces, tightening to maximize the package of the shoes.

Sole interior with tongue tag. MILFROCE military boots are the European standard. 4125 is not tight because the upper is very thin and soft.

4125-8 milforce office boots

The color of this shoe is versatile black, and it is easy to match all kinds of cloths, and the color is low-key. The weight of the whole pair of shoes is lighter than that of the rubber sole. This shoe is very stylish, the shoes are slim, the toe is kick-proof, and the toe is kick-proof but not so exaggerated. The upper is thinner and fits with many small vents, and the air permeability is still very good. The sole texture is suitable for cleaning, the non-slip block distribution is also different, and has the function of anti-slip; from the sense of the foot, the 4125 from MILFORCE shock absorption is good because of sole.


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