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​MILFORCE hot sale new style - 1289 casual shoes

Views: 237     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-26      Origin: Site


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Milforce has prepared a new product for half a year and finally released it in April of this year. This time, the product is different from any previous one. It is the most groundbreaking shoe at present. Introduce this new key 1289 casual shoes today.


This time, Milforce got rid of the concept of military boots manufacturing, and spent the most effort to develop this leather casual leather shoes. The main colors are two colors, black and brown. This comfort-oriented shoe is perfect in every detail.

These lace-up shoes feature a smooth leather upper,The upper is tumbled genuine leather for breathability and long lasting comfort. A flexible and durable rubber outsole ensures seasons of comfort. The style is highlighted by a rubber sole that not only gives the shoe its character but also adds stability and comfort to your gait.

Shoe has a Removable Insole,Comfortable from heel to toe with a full length cushioned footbed,which can provide the highest level of fit integrity. Padded tongue and collar helps protect the wearer from excessive rubbing designed to prevent blisters. Other than this,this casual shoe are also available in multiple width options to provide comfort to feet of all sizes. his style features a unique air circulation system that cool, fresh air to enter the shoe while warm, moist air escapes through outward flowing vents in the shoe,Allow the feet to stay dry all day.

Milforce’s popular, every day casual shoes with multiple comfort features. These oxfords will become your go-to weekend shoes to wear with casual slacks, jeans and khakis.


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