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Let you buy better military boots with less money in Milforce

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As is well known, branded military boots are expensive.

Branded military boots are of good quality and brand value is high. 

These reasons lead to the high price of branded military boots. 

Now you can't afford brand-name military boot, you can wear the same style in milforce too.

This military green vintage jungle boots 5202 is the most classic style of Milforce. 

They use DMS technology to directly integrate the upper material,  make the outsole for lifetime durability. 

Polishable full grain leather, canvas upper, reinforced with nylon webbing at the edges of the boot.

The external stepped drain vents of the boot prevent water and moisture from flowing out of the boot.

The jungle boots absorb moisture and wick the inside, keeping the feet dry.

 The vulcanized rubber outsole in the tread pattern provides traction through the mud and forest floor.

Milforce boots comply with ASTM F2913-11 anti-slip test, wear-resistant and puncture-proof.

Custom molded thermoplastic heels and toe caps provide real-time comfort and lateral support.

This process not only guarantees the traditional advantages, but also makes the parameters meet the military standards and meets the multi-environment use standards.

The same sand classic military jungle boots use suede leather and sand nylon cloth, which is more suitable for use in dry places.

5202-27211-2 milforce desert boots

The next two are the popular models in the US market in recent years, the new functional american military boots.

Milforce's 5215 Black police female jungle boots are functionally designed boots.

They are windproof and waterproof, and the sole is made of lightweight rubber and wear-resistant rubber.

They lighter than the classic style. 

The polyurethane insole is removable for easy cleaning. 

Many products can meet the functional needs of the marine, land and air forces. 

Also Milforce boots meet the needs of multiple climatic conditions. 

The black style uses steel plates to protect the feet from danger. 

And the tan and coyote desert boots style provide insulation to increase the comfort of the hot surface.

5215-27270-2 milforce desert boots

Buy military boots, please choose Milforce.

Let you buy better military boots with less money.


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