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Knife at the ankle ! 8 inch wolf brown desert boots !

Views: 160     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-21      Origin: Site


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The 8-inch Wolf Brown Desert Boot is a new MILFORCE combat boot. It is specially developed for special operations in deserts and hot areas. Its design ideas are both innovative and inherited. Below, we look at these desert boots from different aspects.

7275-2 milforce desert boots

The body of desert boots combines fluffy leather with nylon for durability and breathability. The wolf brown used in the boots can be combined with the environment of the desert area to play a better camouflage role. Between the sole and the insole, the developer has specially designed the foot arch to enhance the stability of the user during exercise. The sole uses a "deep-bent groove" technique to provide good traction and control when the user travels in the soft sand, while increasing the braking force of the heel and shortening the deceleration time. In the ankle and instep areas of the boots, foam filling technology is used to enhance shock absorption and rebound. In order to improve the breathability, the sides of the boots are designed with ventilation holes to ensure the ventilation of the feet directly, and the user does not have to worry about the sultry feeling brought by the 8-inch boots.

7266-2 milforce desert boots

Like othertactical boots from Milforce, this desert boot also uses a shock-absorbing insole that has good antibacterial and moisture wicking properties to keep your feet healthy. The boot part has a hardened design, but it does not use a clad steel. The intention is to reduce the weight while enhancing the protection. The shoe hole has reached the front end of the foot. This design can better tighten the shoelace and ensure that the boots will not feel loose during the event, providing the user with systematic protection from the toe to the ankle.

7258-2 milforce desert boots

These desert boots also have hidden designs "mystery." First, there is a hidden bag at the boot, which can be put into a small size folding knife to help the user out of trouble in an emergency; second, on the top of the tongue, there is a small pocket when used After tightening the shoelace, the knotted portion of the shoelace can be placed in this small pocket, which prevents the shoelace from slipping to a certain extent, and also plays a neat and beautiful role.


Due to the perfect combination of different materials and the application of new technologies, these desert boots have better functionality. The lightweight design of the boots makes the user feel as comfortable as wearing a sneaker. Its breathability and moisture wicking function can effectively ensure the user's feet are refreshed. Therefore, it can play a big role in the hot desert area.

7260-2 milforce desert boots

Of course, there are some controversies in its design. For example, in order to ensure better air permeability, ventilation holes are designed on both sides of the boots. If the user conducts service in the desert area, tiny sand particles will inevitably be poured from the ventilation holes.

These desert boots are not limited to duty, but they are also a good choice for everyday and outdoor activities. From a functional point of view, it can also be used in everyday activities; from an aesthetic point of view, It is because it uses the popular wolf brown material, it can not only be used with tactical pants, it has a good camouflage effect, and when worn with jeans, it will give a very MAN feeling!


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