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Is it important to customize women's military boots?

Views: 133     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-30      Origin: Site


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In 2018, 18,000 British female soldiers will soon wear beautiful and comfortable new combat boots. This is a group of field boots that are tailored to the characteristics of women's feet according to the characteristics of British female soldiers. For a long time, the status of British female soldiers has not been high, even women's field boots are not available, only long-term wearing military boots designed for male soldiers to perform various military tasks.

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New boots are very fashionable

According to the British "Sun" reported on December 27, 2007, the British Ministry of Defense to improve the treatment of female soldiers, to attract young women to join the army, specifically for the female soldiers to produce military boots. These boots are lighter and softer than the men's military boots of the past, and are fully capable of adapting to desert operations.

It is said that these boots are worth about $250 per pair and can withstand temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

British female soldiers have always had many inconveniences in the life of the troops, and the welfare benefits are not satisfactory. One typical example is that they have no special combat boots for themselves. They can only be designed and made according to the physiological characteristics of male soldiers. Military boots. Such boots are very uncomfortable for female soldiers with relatively small feet, and many female soldiers have soaked their feet. The heel of the new women's boots is slightly narrower than the men's boots, and it is also thinner, and there are several styles to meet the needs of female soldiers.

With the ride to improve the treatment of female soldiers, British male soldiers can wear the latest more comfortable military boots this time. However, compared to women's boots, the price of men's boots is 10 pounds (about 255 US dollars).

Soldiers find boots on the dead body to wear

The problem of boots has always plagued the British. In order to prevent the hard boots from grinding their feet, some females put on thick socks, some put on the adhesive plaster, and some stuffed the cotton into the boots. Male soldiers try to buy the right boots from their own pockets.

In February 2007, after receiving a gauntlet to the front line in Iraq, Prince Harry purchased at least 10 pieces of equipment for himself, including 3 pairs of military boots. The three pairs of military boots he purchased were: mountain boots, waterproof boots during jungle operations, and military boots during desert combat. Like Prince Harry, many British soldiers who went to the battlefield in Iraq paid for their boots, because the boots from the British military will melt under the scorching sun.

After the outbreak of the Iraq war, many of the Navy’s soldiers were not able to receive new military boots because of the bankruptcy of a major British Navy’s footwear supplier. They had to wear boots with boots on the bottom and boots to wear on the front line. On the battlefield in Iraq, many British soldiers even wore boots from the bodies of Iraqi soldiers after the boots were worn out.

Improve the treatment to attract women from the army

In April 2006, the British "Observer" reported that after testing, women can completely charge, their performance in the brutal battle is not inferior to men. The article said that the British army had secretly conducted a test in the Welsh mountains, sending several male and female soldiers to mix the platoons and male soldiers to complete the same combat mission. It turned out that although there were seemingly weak female soldiers participating in the war, the mixed row still completed the task quite beautifully, and the level and performance were not inferior to the male soldiers. Senior officials of the British Defense Ministry also said that the practice has proved that female soldiers are superior to male soldiers in some respects, such as electronic computer technology and communication systems.

Analysts pointed out that the British military made special military boots for female soldiers. On the one hand, it was plagued by complaints from female soldiers for a long time, and on the other hand, it was to enhance the appeal of the military to young women to solve the growing severe military shortage.

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In addition to improving the quality of military boots, the British Ministry of Defense has also raised a number of benefits for female soldiers in recent years. In addition, the British Ministry of Defense designers have previously made a series of anti-bomb tattoo and bulletproof women's shorts to provide "full protective clothing" for female soldiers. Designers say that female soldiers wearing this new type of equipment will have a sense of security. British media reported that the British Ministry of Defense did this to make British female soldiers feel happy in joining the army.

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