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How to clean military boots?

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A pair of good military boots will undoubtedly have good performance and trustworthy quality. It is a pair of equipment that you can experience through the years to spend every season of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and accompany you to climb every mountain across every river. He is the most worthy of you. Trusted partners stay with you in your toughest moments. But the military shoes also need our maintenance and cleaning while burning themselves. Next we look at how the various types of boots should be cleaned:

The first is the fur-like boots. The pictures are similar products of our company. 

7101 2-2 milforce military dersert boots

The tools needed to clear the overturned shoes are brushes, cleaners, retreads, sponges, and hygienic balls. The first step is to remove the ash, and then use a special brush to gently brush the surface, pay attention to the copper wire surface mainly to deal with the heavier parts and polished parts. First use the rubber to brush in one direction, the side seams use the side to clean. Focus on the stain and rub it with copper wire. Then wipe it with a damp sponge to moisten the upper. The purpose is to mainly treat the water-soluble substance and shake the cleaner spray on the surface. Repeatedly brushing back and forth with a squeegee brush removes stains on both sides of the fiber, and the dirty foam is blotted with a moisture sponge. Wait until the hair is slightly dry, and when it is wet, brush it in one direction with the rubber so that the hair spreads out and is finished.

6105 2-2 milforce military leather boots

Full leather boots’ surface of the gel will be thicker and thicker for a long time, so that the upper becomes brittle and cracked. It is best to use a white or colorless shoelace to manage the upper. It is important to note that oily brighteners cannot be used and can cause the coating to peel off. The surface dust can be wiped with a clean, damp cloth (preferably without dripping).

4206 2-2 milforce military boots

Finally, the cleaning of the leather boots is made. The material of the leather boots is canvas and cowhide. 

You can moisten some of the stained parts of the canvas with water, then spray the detergent on it, and finally clean it with clean water again. Should pay attention to the use of soft cleaning tools to prevent scratches on the surface of the skin, but also sprayed with detergent, and then wipe, and finally use the shoe polish to polish the light.

The above is the way to clean up the military boots of various materials.Including desert boots, tactical boots and so on. Take care of our army boots on your feet and take good care of your feet. Let it be your most effective partner in your journey.


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