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How to choose the proper military boots?

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Military boots, as the name implies, are the footwear worn by military units when marching and fighting. A good pair of boots not only is enough durable, comfortable, guarantees the soldiers fighting in the harsh environment of various needs, should also be beautiful, can embody army prestige and boost morale. Military boots are popular by soldier always; common people also love them too.

Every pound of weight, every piece of material on a pair of military shoe is carefully chosen. All are designed and used in accordance with the requirements of training operations from the battlefields. Moreover, after ears of development, the technology of military boots has been very mature, and it is increasingly targeted in the combat environment. Therefore, it is quite a matter of thought to choose a suitable pair of military boots.

Different military boots, different options.

Suede boots emphasize on keeping the feet dry and comfortable at high temperature,Jungle boots may pay more attention to this than desert boots. Firstly, most of the desert boots are sand boots with cow suede leather and nylon fabric .Similar products as pictures is from our company. Suede boots prevent sand particles from drilling in, don’t need to wipe oil and have certain lightning protection capability. Nylon fabric is breathable to keep dry inside. Secondly, the weight of the sole cannot be ignored, compound of EVA and rubber out-sole is lightweight and can curl wider angle without fatigue. Thirdly, we should pay attention to conveniences about taking on or off. Side-zipper is easy to wear.

Jungle boots

Full leather boots is black with high-point. The most important point is the leather on the upper. The black leather is divided into top grain and split leather. There are three options for the top grain cow leather named smooth cow leather, patent cow leather and embossed cow leather. The boots from the picture from our company are used the combination of smooth and embossed cow leather to increase the fashion of sense. Rubber out-sole is against oil and prolong lifetime of boots. Wide grooves of texture are good for water evacuation to clean.

full leather boots

Finally, we talk about leather-cloth boots’ choice. The leather-cloth boots is suitable for spring, summer and autumn for jungle. Firstly, out-sole is best important. Look at the picture, this pair of military boots has panama sole with self-cleaning function. Mud doesn't adhere to the sole easily. Secondly, the fabrics on the upper increase internal air circulation and keep foot dry always. Fabric can have different kinds of choices, if you need a lot of it, you can customize it and choose your favorite breathable fabric. This section of shoes has been supplied to Ghana, Kuwait, Panama, Guyana, Peru and other countries.

 leather-cloth boots

No matter kinds of military shoes is chose, we are paying attention to applicability and comfort. In different military situations, the weight of the sole we require is also different. Combining warmth with ventilation, your feet will be provided a comfortable environment. If you want better air permeability, we recommend leather-cloth boots. Many boots with cushioning padded lining, the purpose is to protect the ankle, at the same time can guarantee that the maximum flexibility, can make people comfortable to training such as squatting. Above is the choice of all kinds of material military boots. Remember to sharpen your eyes and find the right military boots for you.


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