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How does Milforce deal with defective military boots?

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As the old saying goes, everything will not be perfect. The military boots have a step before the boxing called quality inspection, in order to screen out the quality unqualified boots. Boots with serious problems, such as severely opened glue, broken uppers, broken soles, deformed shoes, etc., which are seriously affecting the customer experience, will be discarded directly. Other problems that can be repaired do not affect the user experience, such as: leather folds, rubber spots on the soles, loose buckles on the soles, etc. These problematic boots will be repaired after the quality inspection is completed, the repaired military boots and excellent quality. There is no difference in the men’s military army tactical boots.

 6234-2 milforce leather boots

When we accept the customer's order, we will produce the shoes in strict accordance with the customer's requirements. There will be a small number of finished military boots that do not meet the customer's requirements. Our sales manager will communicate with the customer. The general methods are: reduce the price of the problem boots, will the problematic boots are put back into production and the delivery task is completed without affecting the delivery time. Milforce will be responsible for every customer, every pair of military army tactical boots, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


There are very few cases where large-volume products do not meet customer requirements, and we perform claims in accordance with the terms of the contract. And these military boots will be sold at a discount; we clearly explain what problems exist in the boots, acceptable customers and can contact our sales manager. They will respond to you in time to discuss product details with you.

7233-6 milforce desert boots

Quality assurance has always been the manufacturing philosophy that Milforce insists. We will try our best to ensure that every pair of men’s tactical boots received by customers is perfect. If there are defective products, we will be responsible for the replacement or repair. The problem of contacting Milforce after-sales personnel will be solved.

Milforce gives you no worries about your order!


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