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How do military boots enthusiasts buy military boots?

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The soldiers who participated in the parade, from generals to soldiers, from men to women soldiers, wear military boots made of superior materials. Military boots in the march is not only a declaration that a nation rejuvenate from the peril and the struggle, but also the legend of a national enterprise with the spirit of the craftsman, innovation and continuous progress.

The variety of military products produced by MILFORCE factories often amazed the people who came here. Today's military boots are not only loved by soldiers but also loved by the general public. If it is retail, it can be in the official mall of the brand, or some buyer's platform. In addition, it can also be purchased on the third party shopping platform, such as fast selling, Amazon. Milforce currently has 5 models in Amazon, and we recommend military boots NO.4115, NO.7246 and NO.5217.

4115-2 milforce tactical boots

The Milforce tactical boot 4115 is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and fast. The Milforce tactical boot incorporates cutting-edge design features, proven durability and high performance. The Milforce tactical boot is an excellent choice for tactical, military, law enforcement and so on. Out-sole is made of rubber of wear resistance and skid prevention. Rubber is a natural material. It is a material from nature, so it has the function of environmental protection, so it is often used on the outsole of military boots. Middle-sole is made of EVA that has characteristics of weight-light, shockproof and good elasticity. EVA mid-sole can have better flexibility, transparency and surface gloss below 0 degrees centigrade. The mixing of EVA middle and filler is good, and the coloring and molding process ability are good.

7246-2 milforce desert boots

The Milforce desert boot 7246 is instant comfort and has durable material. We stitch at the toe and heel parts to keep the fastness. The upper of suede leather and nylon fabric is fashionable.

Nylon fabric has the highest wear resistance of all kinds of fabrics, and is much higher than other fabrics of the same kind, so its durability is excellent. Nylon fabric has poor heat resistance and light resistance. It is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of washing and maintenance during wearing, so as not to damage the fabric. There is a pull ring behind the shoes for taking on or off easily and improving the visual effect in appearance.

5217-2 milforce military jungle boots

The Milforce jungle boot 5217 is breathable and solid. Air holes which exist in the inside of the boots play the role of the principle of air convection. The air hole causes the heat in the shoe to expand and increase by pressing the two sides of the convection hole. The heat runs out from the vent hole of the shoe upper. And it drops the cold air. This keeps the comfort of the temperature in the boot. Double reinforcement connection of upper and sole is to keep the fastness. The shoes are soaked in the water for a long time because of some military needs and there will be a phenomenon that the sole is separated from the face. Double reinforcement connection of upper and sole is to avoid this condition.

Military boots are much more complex and difficult in many aspects, such as sample development, process standard setting, and production process control and after-sales service.

From extremely cold areas to extremely hot areas, from wet areas to dry areas, from Plains to mountainous areas, various wearing conditions should be considered. Therefore, in the whole military R & D and production process, Milforce always adheres to the product research and development with "people" as the base. The production of the product is based on "fine”. The strict standard of military production is carried out. There are too many places to buy military boots. It is your right choice to recognize us.


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