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How do military boots come from the factory to the customers?

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As a factory that produces military boots for 20 years, milforce has been manufactured in strict fashion from the manufacture and sale of military boots to ensure that no mistakes have been made. The previous article introduced the manufacturing process of military boots. Today we introduce how military boots arrive from the factory to customers.

How do military boots come from the factory to the customers-2

The finished military boots are packed from our professional line and packed by our professional people. Each shoe is filled with paper or sponge to ensure that it will not be deformed during transportation. Each pair of shoes is placed in a small carton, the size and model of each pair of shoes are marked on the carton. Every ten small cartons are placed in a large carton with Shantou and logo milforce.

All the military boots are shipped after the packaging is completed. Our products generally need to go through the two parts of land transportation and shipping. If the number of exports is small, the trucks responsible for land transportation are generally brought to the factory, and the warehouse management personnel will carry the large cardboard boxes onto the trucks. The truck driver is responsible for transporting the goods to the warehouse at the export port, waiting for the containers on board the ship on the same day. If the quantity is large, the truck will directly carry the container to the factory on the day before or on the day of the ship, and the cargo will be shipped directly to the port after loading. 

How do military boots come from the factory to the customers-1

After the completion of the shipment, it is a long shipping process. The shipping usually takes one month to two months. During this period, the ship's staff needs to ensure the safety of the military boots, free from the tide, and not damaged in the bumps. The company’s customs officers will be responsible for the relevant operations of the goods leaving the country and prepare the materials needed for customs clearance.

After the long shipping period, the military boots arrived at the destination port. The buyer was responsible for the operation of the goods entering the country, confirming that the number of military boots was correct, and the delivery was completed after the quality was checked.

The above is the transportation process of milforce's military boots. It is our work philosophy to concentrate on doing every step.


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