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Customized military boots? Of course we can!

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When you need a pair of the most special boots, it should be waterproof, tamper-proof, made of leather, and breathable as well as a special insole. If there is no way to directly satisfy these requirements, you may try to customize a pair of military boots.

6287-5 milforce leather boots6287-7 milforce leather boots

Customized military boots are not something that all shoe traders can do, because the customer's requirements are often rigorous and challenging. If it is just a shoe seller, it is difficult to meet the customer's requirements. 

4275-6 milforce tactical boots

Milforce is a company that manufactures and sells military boots. We have been engaged in the manufacturing of military boots since 1984. We have been working for more than 20 years. We have our own factories and professional production lines, we have experienced personnel develop various kinds of new style military boots. Strict raw material procurement and professional production and processing determine the high quality of our military boots.

7277 2-6 milforce desert boots

We have been professionally customizing military boots for customers all over the world for many years. If you want to customize military boots, you first need to explain the style and materials needed and the functions of the boots (waterproof, steel head, etc.). If you have no specific requirements for these, Can tell us the environment, we will recommend the most suitable shoes according to your experience. After confirming the selection, there is no doubt we will quote you the best price. If you have special requirements for some parts of the military boots, such as latex insoles or shoe boxes with the specified LOGO, we will separately inform you of the cost of these requirements, so that you can understand the composition of the cost. If you are not satisfied, we will also make changes according to your requirements. After you have approved the price, we will send a pair of sample military boots to you. In order to save your time, if you have any suggestions after the sample is received, you need to promptly contact us. When the sample meets the ideal military boots you need, we will put it into production in time. The order of 1000 pairs or less will take about 30 days to produce, and the order of 1000 pairs or more will take 45 days. After the goods have been produced, we will ship them according to your requirements, transport them directly from our factory to the port and transport them to your destination as soon as possible within the time required.

6281-6 milforce leather boots

At present, our inventory products are also very rich, military shoes, police boots, desert boots, full-leather boots and other military boots; we can directly ship the products in stock, greatly reducing your waiting time.

Professional custom military boots, Milforce will not let you down, we accept everyone's inspection!


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