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Can't afford brand-name military boot, you can wear the same style in milforce

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As is well known, branded military boots are expensive. 

In addition to their quality product quality, you also need to pay for the brand's cost for your shoes, which is why the price is high. 

Now you can't afford brand-name military boot, you can wear the same style in milforce too.


Milforce's 1206 and 1208 are the main styles mens shoes of office in the US market, with soft, easy-to-polish, durable leather, lining breathable moisture wicking, and cushioned detachable insert for added comfort. 

Very suitable for indoor wear, it is worth mentioning that these two mens office shoes are rubber foam soles, compared with the traditional rubber sole, this special sole is softer and lighter, which is very suitable for wearing him every day. 

The white-collar workers who take the subway and walk the streets are one of the daily commuting shoes. 

Goodyear seams are the oldest craftsmanship of oxford shoes. These are all Goodyear black Office shoes that can be paired with a variety of dark suits. 

The patterned Oxford shoes are suitable for casual suits. The pure black classic Joint Oxford shoes are the best choice for attending a meeting.

1206 底3-2 milforce office shoes                 1208 3-2

The next model that can be compared with the famous brand is the 4104 black ankle military shoes. On the basis of retaining the advantages of traditional military boots, the style is more sporty, the short police boots are easy to put on and off, and the lightweight cushioning EVA midsole provides Flexibility and performance, and flexibility in action. Durable leather and performance nylon upper, moisture wicking mesh lining to keep your feet dry, non-slip rubber outsole for increased traction, cushioning detachable inserts for added foot comfort. The 4104 is one of our best selling ankle military shoes. This classic, lightweight silhouette is not only breathable, but also provides a full day of comfort.

4104-2 milforce tactical boots

The last thing to introduce is the same two-color special forces military boots 4244 and 7215. 

The waterproof style is also a popular product in the US market. 

The durable leather and performance nylon upper, YKK right zipper facilitates quick wear and tear. 

Eva's md-model sole is also excellent in shock absorption. 

The rubber outsole is wear-resistant and non-slip, suitable for all kinds of complicated environments. 

The same leather tactical desert boots use suede leather, and other materials are the same as black. 

The quality of these two waterproof boots is very good, and the price is lower than the brand's military boots, Milforce allows you to buy the same military boots for less money.

7215 2-2 milforce desert boots         4244-2 milforce tactical boots


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